Technology Designs That Have Seniors In Mind

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Considering the speed of technology, it’s no wonder that many seniors feel as though they are being left behind. Most seniors didn’t have the advantage of learning technology when they were young and can feel confused and overwhelmed by new gadgets and online procedures.

As the senior population grows due to the aging Baby Boomer generation and people living healthy lives longer than ever before, technology firms are finally starting to think about seniors. Development of applications, software and devices that are specifically designed to be useful to seniors has increased over the past five years.

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With convenience and healthy living being the cornerstones of senior designed devices, there are some great items that all seniors should know about. Whether you want to look up information or you would like to be able to stay in touch with family and friends, there is likely a new technology out there that can help you.

Medication Management

On average, seniors take at least five medications daily which can be a challenging schedule to remember. If you are looking for something to help organize your medications or are concerned about a parent taking their pills on time you can try the technology from a device like MedMinder. This smart device can be easily programmed and loaded weekly. It will notify you when it is time to take your pills and then dispense the correct amount right into your hand. When it’s time to take your medication the device will light up to alert you.

The device can also monitor if you are in danger of missing a dose. If you don’t take your dispensed pills right away an audio alarm will begin, followed by a spoken message and then a phone call. If none of these alarms are responded to then the device can make a call to your supporting family member or emergency services.

Social Life

Many seniors struggle with loneliness and depression from spending so much time alone. To get your parents or yourself back into a more active lifestyle you may consider getting a tablet specially geared towards seniors. These tablets often come with an interactive touch screen programmed with large readable script.

Join Skype so that you can video chat with your children and grandchildren and stay in touch with friends. With some tablets you can even interact with online characters that are voiced by live professional workers and chat whenever you are feeling lonely.

Smart Home

You can now have many features inside your own home connected to technology. Keep your home safe and leave yourself less things to worry about. With a smart home device you can coordinate features like your lighting, security system, cameras that can be monitored off site by your children and even your thermostat. Your smart home system can be programmed to send emergency alerts to your chosen contacts if there is ever a problem like a fall or a fire.


Embracing technology in your senior years can allow you to take care of conveniences and safety issues in your life. With your home wired and your social life in full swing you can enjoy a more active and fulfilled life.

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