No-Fly Zone Over Syria Will Trigger World War 3: Rand Paul

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While several Republican presidential candidates and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton have suggested imposing a no-fly zone over Syria, Senator Rand Paul says it’s a “terrible idea.” If someone were stupid enough to follow through the idea of a no-fly zone in Syria, it would “lead to World War 3,” warned Paul. He said a no-fly zone was like drawing a red-line in the sky.

Fiorina wants to ‘use force against Russia’

And what if someone crosses that red-line? For the last seven decades, the United States has tried to communicate with Russians to avoid one side accidentally shooting down another side’s plane. And now certain people are talking about a move that could trigger World War 3, he said. Iraq and Syria have actually invited Russia to fly in their airspace, so how can the U.S. prevent it from flying over those countries?

Rand Paul said, “Man, we are lucky” Carly Fiorina was not a President during Cold War. Fiorina says she will have a no-fly zone, and she wants to use force against Russia. “That’s precisely the kind of person we don’t want running our country,” said Paul. During an interview on Fox News, Paul said there was no way America could drive Russia out of Syria.

Even minor conflict between Russia and the U.S. could lead to World War 3

Russia has made no secret of the fact that it is bombing U.S.-trained rebels in Syria that want President Bashar Al-Assad out of power. It has increased the risk of an unintended clash between the U.S. and Russian forces in Syria, which in turn may lead to World War 3. Moscow and Washington have tried to de-escalate tensions by trying to coordinate in the crowded Syrian airspace, but in vein.

Russian and American air forces need to make sure that they do not encounter one another in Syria in overlapping airstrikes. Otherwise, “one-thing-led-to-another” scenario could prove disastrous. Russia has warned the U.S. against flying aircraft in Syria without providing their geographical positions. But the U.S. has refused to comply with the Russian request.

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