Suspense On Apple’s Mystery ‘Wireless Device’ Revealed

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Earlier this year, Apple sought FCC approval for a mysterious “wireless device” that had both NFC and Bluetooth. Since then, the company has submitted a few more iterations of a similar wireless device for regulatory approval, but with a different model number. All this created quite a mystery surrounding Apple’s next product, but now that mystery appears to have been solved.


What is Apple’s mystery device?

Several speculations and rumors regarding the mysterious device started, but the tech giant neither added to those rumors nor stopped them. Some said it could be a new AirPort or Apple TV, but the filings included limited information. According to the application, it’s a low-powered device with both NFC wireless and Bluetooth functionality (and that’s it).

However, now we have some new information about the device thanks to photos and a user manual published by the FCC. The mysterious device turns out to be a door access system. From the photos, it looks like it is an electronic door reader.

What the mysterious device does

The device will probably be used for corporate purposes, notes Business Insider. The user manual, which was also published by FCC, includes specific backend wiring instructions and nothing for general customers. The nature of the device is clearer through photos that show an electronic reader attached to a door assembly.

According to the user manual, the device does several things like presenting credentials provided by the company to the reader. To indicate access, the electronic door reader will play a sound and flash green. To decline access, the system will play a second sound and flash red.

Who is it for?

Currently, Apple has many smart home devices on the market, including HomeKit, which allows smart home producers to make smart locks and other devices that work great with the iPhone. But there has never been any news of Apple making a door access system. Thus, the company may use it in its new campus.

AppleInsider notes that the smartphone maker wants to keep everything secure and hack-resistant, so maybe that is why it is making the electronic door reader. Apple Park is undergoing a few last finishing touches and will reportedly feature several custom touches like the largest natural ventilation system in the world and large panes of curved glass.

As of now, there have been no comments from the tech giant on the matter.

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