Apple Inc. Ignores Nokia’s Withings On Revamped HomeKit Accessories Page

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Apple made a few general updates to its Home-focused website, rebuilding its online list of HomeKit-compatible accessories and packages to include status updates about upcoming products. The catalog, according to AppleInsider, includes products from many manufacturers, but it may be a bit surprising for some to note that a security camera from a major brand — Nokia’s Withings subsidiary — is missing.

Not a mistake

The revamped site looks like a directory for finding compatible HomeKit accessories. Apple’s updated HomeKit explainer page includes a video for showing how automation, iOS 10’s Home applications and Siri work. Apple’s new HomeKit accessories webpage also offers iOS users a comprehensive list of devices that support its Home platform.

Given the “coming soon” and “announced” status alongside external links to manufacturers’ websites, the iPhone maker seems to be tracking the development status of upcoming products. The list has 15 categories (thermostats, windows, fans, air conditioners, security, locks, cameras, doorbells, ranger extenders, sensors, garage doors, lights, switches, outlets, and bridges) instead of brands.

The tech giant’s list contains more than 100 individual products from several third-party firms, including small Chinese firms, notes AppleInsider. So one can be very sure that Withings’ missing name is no mistake.

Why did Apple remove Withings from the list?

There was a time when Withings enjoyed a great retail partnership with the iPhone maker. This alliance continued for more than two years even after Nokia acquired the French accessories firm in April 2016 for $192 million. The alliance, however, faced a rough time when the Finnish company sued Apple for allegedly violating about 32 patents, notes AppleInsider.

In reply, the U.S. firm filed a lawsuit against Nokia and nine other patent-holding firms, claiming that the entities were participating in a licensing conspiracy. The legal war got out of control, with the Finnish firm filing 14 more complaints.

Withings Home Plus, which is marketed as a baby monitor and security camera, features an HD camera and a microphone, speaker for two-way communications, environmental sensors to monitor air quality and light, and music programs. Previously, the product was featured in Apple’s online store, but all references to it were deleted by the U.S. firm in December when Apple removed all the Withings devices from its website, notes AppleInsider.

Prior to the legal battle, Withings (apart from Withings Home) also sold its other products on Apple’s online store like Body Cardio Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, etc.

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