Surprise Stimulus Check From Pennsylvania Hitting Bank Accounts Now

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Some Pennsylvania residents could soon get a one-time surprise stimulus check from the state. This one-time surprise stimulus check from Pennsylvania will hit the bank accounts of eligible residents over the next few days. Eligible residents could get a one-time payment of up to $1,657.50.

Surprise Stimulus Check From Pennsylvania: Who Will Get It?

Last week, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that residents who got a property tax or rent rebate in 2021 would get one more payment. This payment will equal 70% of the original rebate they got last year. As per the Department of Revenue, more than 360,000 residents could qualify for this one-time surprise stimulus check from Pennsylvania.

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“If you already received your PTRR check for this year, don’t be surprised when your bonus payment hits your bank account or your mailbox,” said Gov. Wolf said in a press release. “I proposed these one-time bonus rebates back in February, and I’m so glad to see checks rolling out to Pennsylvanians across the commonwealth.”

Those who selected direct deposit on their application forms for the 2021 property tax or rent rebate will get the payment via the same method over the next few days, but those who selected a paper check will have to be patient. It could take several weeks to mail all the checks, according to the state Revenue Department.

This one-time surprise stimulus check from Pennsylvania is part of the governor's law which he signed in early August. The law aims to provide financial relief to groups affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic. Gov. Wolf will use the funds that the state got from the American Rescue Plan to send this one-time bonus rebate.

How To Apply For The One-Time Bonus Rebate

This one-time surprise stimulus check from Pennsylvania will be sent automatically to residents who applied (and were approved) for the PTRR program (Property Tax/Rent Rebate).  Those who haven’t yet applied for the PTRR program can still do so. They can use the state’s online filing system at to submit their application prior to the filing deadline of Dec. 31, 2022.

“We are reminding eligible Pennsylvanians that there is still time to apply for rebates on property taxes and rent paid in 2021,” Revenue Secretary Dan Hassell said. “We’ll work as quickly as we can to make sure that applications are processed and that claimants receive the funds they are entitled to, including the one-time bonus rebate that the Governor made possible.”  

Applicants whose rebate applications are still being processed will likely get the rebate and the new one-time bonus together in a combined check.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue is also mailing a letter to the recipients to inform them that they will be getting a one-time bonus rebate. This letter gives the breakdown of the original rebate amount and the amount of the one-time bonus rebate that the resident will get.

For more information on the program, applicants can visit the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program page.