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Coronavirus Stimulus Check from Pennsylvania: Deadline Extended to Dec. 31

Federal stimulus checks aren’t coming anymore. Thus, it is important that you use the full benefits of any regular credit programs that states and local governments offer. With the coronavirus pandemic still not over, this money could prove the much-needed fourth stimulus check. You could still get one such coronavirus stimulus check in Pennsylvania, where the authorities have recently extended the application deadline to a tax rebate program.

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Coronavirus Stimulus Check From Pennsylvania

Residents in Pennsylvania now have a month to apply for a cash payment of up to $975. This coronavirus stimulus check from Pennsylvania is available under the state’s property tax and rent rebate program (Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program).

Usually, the deadline to apply for the money under the program is June 30 every year. This year, however, the state has extended the deadline to the end of the year. So, eligible households have until December 31 to apply for the money.

To be eligible for the program, you should be “age 65 and older; widows and widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older.” Also, eligible households need to have earned less than $35,000 annually ($15,000 annually for renters). A point to note is that only half of the Social Security income is considered for the calculation of annual income for this program.

The amount of money you can get depends on your income. The maximum standard rebate is $650 per household, but “supplemental rebates for qualifying homeowners can boost rebates to $975,” the program’s website says.

Pennsylvania’s Treasury Department has already started processing the applications. The direct deposits are scheduled to go out from July 1, while paper checks were scheduled from June 30. This program benefits about 550,000 Pennsylvanians every year.

How To Apply

To apply for the coronavirus stimulus check from Pennsylvania, you can submit an online application with the Department of Revenue's myPATH system. If you are found eligible, you will receive the money in your bank account. Along with the application, you need to attach relevant documents for property taxes or rent receipts.

You can also submit a paper application. For filing a paper application, you need to download or request the form on the Pennsylvania Gov website. You can also call 1-888-222-9190 to get more information on the program.

You will get an automated call to the phone number provided in the application form when the department gets your application form. You will get another automated call if the department approves your request.

To check the status of your payment, you can visit this link. You will have to enter your Social Security number, date of birth and claim year to check the status of your payment.

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