Sunday Linkfest August 14th 2011

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Book of the week/year/ possibly century! Moneyball(updated) by Michael Lewis ( release date: Aug 22, 2011)

Investment Analysis – Energold Drilling (EGD CN): A World Class Franchise at a Cigar-Butt Price (a ridiculously good write up by my friend Ryan O’Connor, who is a member of the ultra-exclusive Value Investors Club. Ryan asked my thoughts on the write up, I tried to poke holes in his thesis and had a very tough time; 22 pages of great reading.

(HDSN) (Sum Zero top rated idea of the week)

OneBeacon Insurance: Value Research on Demand 

Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group Buys Microsoft Corp., BP, Allied Nevada Gold 

Migao…Fraud or Opportunity

BAC CEO and Bruce Berkowitz Press Conference

How Would You Run a Rating Agency?

Interview with quant and blackjack legend Edward Thorp 

A Short Story of Successful Dividend Investing

Wireless Xcessories (WIRX)- a net net trading for half of book value

Special report: The perils of Paulson

Investing During Market Declines 

Merger Arbitrage Mondays – August 8, 2011

In theory: Value investing from the masters

Mr. Market doesn’t disappoint.

GOLD AT $10,000? 

Guess the Worst Performing Financial Stock This Week. You’re Probably Wrong

The Dreaded ‘It’s Different This Time’ Tag for Banks

Tutorial to Easily Auto Track Insider Transactions

VIP compensation for Madison Square Garden execs

Time To Be Greedy 

Introducing a New Series: The Art of Rhetoric in Manager Selection

Deliberate Practice & Reading

Redacted Version of the August 2011 FOMC Statement

Sleeping Like a Baby with Your Investment Dollars

Why now is the time to invest in California real estate

Is There Enough Money on Earth to Save the Banks?: Jonathan Weil

SEC Reviews S&P Math, Possible Leak of Rating

David Einhorn: Covered Shorts and Made “Modest” Long Investments This Week

The ins and outs of investing in the farmland boom.  (Bloomberg)

China is the hot new hunting ground for dinosaur fossils.  (Newsweek)

The US content of products “made in China.”  (FRBSF)

How to write faster.  (Slate)

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