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Groupon Madness: Sunday Info-Graph

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Sunday info-graph (or whatever its called) below. I have a few articles scheduled to post later today and some really good ones coming up this week.

Also below are results of last weeks poll, and this weeks new poll. I will try to keep the poll relevant to the info-graph of the week:

[poll id=”32″]

Book of the week: Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy by Bill Clinton

[poll id=”33″]

And the chart of latest and hottest IPO (Groupon)!

groupon stock chart
click to enlarge

What a brilliant chart on the 25 hottest IPOs of the past two years (defined at the biggest pop from the first day’s opening price, not offering price).  No surprise that 20 are down:


biggest ipos in history graph


Another char of a high-flier Linkedin:

linked graph ipo
click to enlarge

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