Sumo Solace Beanbag Chair Review: Great For Lounging Around

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If you’ve ever sat in a beanbag chair, whether as a child or as an adult, you are probably familiar with the sort of shapeless blob they tend to be. This is why children tend to love them, but adults start to feel pain after sitting in them. However, one of the things that strikes me about the beanbag chairs sold by Sumo Lounge is how uniquely designed many of them are. The Sumo Solace beanbag chair certainly fits this description, as it’s a sort of lounge chair with a back. I was actually very excited to try it out for the purposes of this review.

Because I pretty much always need to sit with my legs up due to a spine condition, the Sumo Solace beanbag chair works great. I also must say that I can’t sit in it for long periods of time, but I find it very comfortable, which is surprising for a beanbag chair. I really like the lounge design.

One of the first things I wondered about when I saw this beanbag chair was just how supportive the back is. After all, it is still a beanbag chair, so by design, one would expect it to be formless and without any support at all. It is rather difficult to explain until you sit in it, but the best I can explain in this review is that sitting on it a certain way seems to pull the back up and make it more supportive.

Sitting up pretty straight in the chair puts weight on the bottom, which pulls the back up and supports it, so I can definitely say that the Sumo Solace beanbag chair is very unique in this respect. My 11-year-old son sits in it sometimes, but he finds that the back sort of droops backward a bit (although it doesn’t lose its shape). I’m fairly certain it’s because of how more weight is needed on the bottom to sort of hold the back up.

Overall, I really enjoy the Sumo Solace beanbag chair. It’s great for watching TV, playing video games or just relaxing. It’s an excellent way for me to sit lower to the floor without actually sitting on the floor, which my dog absolutely loves because it’s like I’m just lounging next to him (and it gives me easy access to provide belly rubs!). My joints and bones certainly appreciate having a comfortable chair to sit in while spending time with my dog so that I don’t have to actually sit directly on the floor.

Disclosure: I received a Sumo Solace beanbag chair to write this review.

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