Sumo Lounge Bean Bag Chairs: For Pleasure And Business

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Professionals, gaming addicts and students spend a lot of time sitting on chair (or couch), which sometimes leads to severe back pain and other problems. Sumo Lounge understands this. That’s why it has developed deluxe bean bag chairs that are so comfortable that you’ll never experience back and spine-related problems. These bean bags are an excellent, and stylish, alternative to the boring furniture. Sumo Lounge has designed them especially for the urban lifestyle.

These bean bag chairs are made with high-quality rip-proof material, giving them durability. Bean bag chairs make for the ultimate seating in the movie room, office, study room and lobby. The Sumo Lounge bean bags are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Browsing through their list, you can find one suitable for every room. Let’s review two of Sumo Lounge’s flagship bean bag chairs.

Sumo Sway couple microsuede bean bags

This stylish and large bean bag chair lets you stretch out and relax. The Sway Couple large bean bag chairs have a curved shape to offer support to your back and spine while offering maximum comfort. Sway microsuede bean bags are actually available in two different sizes, single and couple. There are two options for cover, luxurious microsuede and comfy corduroy fabric. The Sway couple microsuede is available in four different colors: pitch black, funky brown, khaki and fiery red.

The Sway couple bean bag chairs measure 51 W X 44 L X 33 H, and are made with 100% polyester fiber. Sumo Lounge promises that the Sway bean bag chairs always stay full and fluffy, and never go flat. The company offers free shipping and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Sumo Sultan corduroy

Sumo Sultan bean bags are especially designed for video game playing, movie watching and overall relaxation. These large bean bag chairs are comfortable, and are available in six different colors. The Sultan bean bag chairs have a super-comfy corduroy bean bag cover. These large bean bags measure 54″ X 54″ X 42″. Just like the Sway couple microsuede chairs, the company promises that the Sultan bean bag chairs stay full and fluffy.

The Sumo Sultan not only offers a large size, but it’s so comfortable that you’ll be compelled to spend most of your relaxation time on the Sultan bean bags.

I got to test out both chairs. I really enjoy the comfort of them both. In terms of which is best, there is no right answer. The couple is better if you want to take your laptop (rest it on something) and do some casual-serious work. The corduroy is not ideal for heavy work. However, it is fantastic for laying back and checking emails on your tablet or phone.

The one con (and its small) While the chairs are great, make sure you have room in your office. Both chairs take up a lot of space. However, the Corduroy in particular is huge. The later one is more similar to a working bed.

Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable way to do some work and have the space, these chairs are amazing.


Full disclosure: I was offered both chairs free of charge in exchange for a review. Neither ValueWalk nor myself receive any compensation if you purchase anything from the company.

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