What Was The Strange Noise In Colorado?

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A loud and strange boom-like noise was heard in parts of Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie and Elizabeth in Colorado on Monday. The residents were rather confused and scared and have described the strange noise as an explosion that shook their houses and windows. What is behind this incident that baffled the residents?

According to the residents of the mentioned places, the noise was heard around 9 p.m. local time on Monday, Nov. 20. The noise was loud enough to convince some people that their windows shook. However, they aren’t sure what caused the noise. While some people decided to report their experience on social network sites, particularly Facebook, a few residents decided to call Denver7, the local news to report this strange noise.

“It was just like boom and the trailer shook, and I thought, ‘what the heck was that?’” Ray Armijo, a resident who has also served in the military told Denver7. “It kind of scared me a bit.”

He added that, to him, the sound didn’t seem to be coming from the ground, but instead, from the air. Another person who heard the noise told Denver7 that the noise was loud enough to move furniture in her room and that posters on the wall fell off.

According to the Lochbuie Police Chief, Tracey McCoy, there have been no operations above the affected the area, and that the sound didn’t come from planes or other aviation, after contacting the Buckley Air Force Base and Federal Aviation Administration. Additionally, the Brighton Fire Department said that they received calls from concerned residents who didn’t know what was going on. They also didn’t know where the source of the noise originated from.

Strange noise was heard elsewhere too

Moreover, the strange explosion-like noise was not only heard in Colorado but some other U.S. states and around the world, according to CBC Denver. Several towns reported a boom-like noise. Residents reported noise in New Jersey, Alabama, Idaho and Detroit. The residents still don’t know what could have caused this disturbing noise and are now referring to it as “Bama Boom,” thinking that it has to do with the recent meteor showers, or some deep earthquake, while some people even believe that an alien invasion is going on.

The Birmingham National Weather Service hypothesized that the noise is perhaps coming from a supersonic aircraft, or that it has to do with the Leonid meteor shower, which was active on Nov. 17 and 18, implying that one of the meteors may have exceeded the speed of sound, causing this strange noise. According to the seismic data from those days, there were no active earthquakes at the time. Still, the head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, Bill Cooke, told ABC 3340 that a ground explosion could have caused the explosions or supersonic aircraft or even a large meteor called a bolide, which can explode in the atmosphere, which doesn’t relate to Leonid’s meteor shower.

Well, whatever it was, did you happen to hear anything on Monday night also?

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