Steve Sjuggerud, “This Is Not What The Peak Of A Bull Market Looks Like”

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Guest: Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. Steve is the editor of True Wealth, an investment advisory specializing in safe, alternative investments overlooked by Wall Street. It’s based on the simple idea that you don’t have to take big risks to make big returns. Steve did his Ph.D. dissertation on international currencies, has traveled to dozens of countries looking at investment ideas, and has run mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment research departments.

Date Recorded: 4/20/17

Run-Time: 1:17:56

Steve Sjuggerud

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Summary: In Episode 49, we welcome Dr. Steve Sjuggerud. The conversation begins with Meb and Steve reminiscing about the origin of their friendship, which dates back some 10 years. This leads the guys into Steve’s background, and how he transitioned from being a broker into being the highly-popular investment newsletter writer he is today.

Meb asks Steve to describe his investing framework. Similar to Meb, Steve likes both value and trend. Specifically, he looks for 3 things: assets that are “cheap,” “hated,” and “in an uptrend.” This methodology applies to all sorts of asset classes.

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Article by Med Faber, read the transcript here.

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