These Are The States Offering Child Stimulus Checks. Is Yours One Of Them?

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The American Rescue Plan extended the child tax credit (CTC) last year, and it helped millions of families meet their basic needs. However, the extended CTC expired in December, and since then, there has been no new federal CTC except for a recent Senate Republicans’ proposal. On the other hand, many states are offering additional child tax credits to their residents. If you aren’t sure whether or not your state is one of them, to help you, detailed below are the states offering child stimulus checks.

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States Offering Child Stimulus Checks

In June, the New Jersey legislature approved a $500 tax credit for families with children. To be eligible for the full credit, the family income should be $30,000 or less a year.

Last month, Vermont Governor Phil Scott also introduced a Child Tax Credit, offering a $1,000 credit for children under 5 years. Households with an income of $125,000 or less per annum will qualify for this credit. The program is expected to help more than 30,000 children in the state.

California’s Young Child Tax Credit program offers $1,000 each to qualifying families with income of less than $25,000. This credit is available only for children below six years. To be eligible for the credit, the household must qualify for the California Earned Income Tax Credit.

Colorado will be sending fully refundable credits to families on the basis of their filing status and income. Residents with income less than $75,000 (joint filers earning $85,000 or less) will be able to claim the credit on their 2022 tax returns.

Maryland offers a CTC of $500 per child to families with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of less than $6,000. The credit is available for families with children under the age of seventeen.

New Mexico’s Child Income Tax Credit program offers $75 to $175 per qualifying child, depending on income. Minors or stepchildren of the taxpayer will qualify for this child tax credit.

New York’s Empire State Child Tax Credit offers 33% of the portion of the federal child tax credit and federal additional child tax credit, or $100 multiplied by the number of qualifying children, whichever is greater. To be eligible for the credit, the child must be 4 years old or older and must qualify for the federal child tax credit.

States Offering Non-Refundable Child Tax Credits

Idaho has expanded the credit from $130 per child to $205 per child. This credit, however, is not refundable.

Maine’s Dependent Exemption Tax Credit will give $300 per qualifying child and dependent. This credit is also not refundable.

Oklahoma offers 5% of the federal child tax credit, while North Carolina offers $500 to $2,500 federal tax deduction depending on AGI and tax income filing status.

Massachusetts offers a refundable credit but under a slightly different name. Massachusetts’ Household Dependent Tax Credit offers $180 for one dependent, and $360 for 2 or more dependents. For the purpose of the credit, “dependents” are children under 12 years old, adults 65 or older, and anyone with a disability.