Spotify search is down, users getting “no results found”

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A key function of Spotify is not working right now, prompting many users to take to social media and various other platforms to lodge their complaints. Spotify search is down, which means users who try to search for a song or artist on the platform are receiving the message “no results found.”

spotify search down no results found
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No results found: Spotify search goes down

So far it seems the problem with Spotify isn’t a total outage. It’s only affecting the search function, but that is an important part of the streaming service, even though it apparently is still possible to listen to music on the platform. If you can’t search for anything to listen to, then that makes the service almost unusable.

Reports about Spotify search being down have flooded Twitter and other social platforms. Users report receiving the message “no results found” whenever they try to conduct a search on the platform.

Outage confirmed by third parties

Spotify itself has not acknowledged any problems with its service or the search bar. Neither the main Spotify account nor the SpotifyCares account on Twitter has posted about any problems. However, third-party sites like Down Detector are confirming that there is some kind of outage.

The outage map on Down Detector indicates that the U.K. and much of Western Europe are experiencing an outage with Spotify. Some users in the U.S. also appear to be having problems, as are a few people in other parts of the world. The outage seems to be especially focused in Western Europe, however.

The issue appears to be affecting people on multiple platforms as well. Users on Android and Windows are especially reporting problems. Others say the mobile app isn’t working, but it’s unclear whether iOS is also affected by the Spotify search outage. Linux also appears to be impacted by the issues affecting Spotify.

Since Spotify isn’t acknowledging that search is down, it’s unclear when the problem will be fixed. The music streaming platform has acknowledged previous issues on its Twitter account, so hopefully users will receive some kind of update soon. Reports about this problem go back several hours.

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