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“Spider-Man” Campaigns In India, Climbing Window To Window For Votes

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Tired of politics as usual?  Looking for a superhero to fight political corruption and refuse to accept donations from selfish corporate interests?

Perhaps it’s time to vote for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man climbing window to window for votes

Gaurav Sharma climbs buildings in a Spider-Man costume to find votes.  Seeking to influence the election, where he is running as an independent for a seat in India’s lower parliament, Sharma climbs a building and pops his head into an open window, shouting “Hello everyone!” before he seeks to convert voters by engaging them in the issues of the day while hanging precariously from 60 feet above ground.

"Spider-Man" Campaigns In India, Climbing Window To Window For Votes

He has yet to be shot by someone mistaking him for a burglar.

Sharma, a 32 year old former martial arts trainer for the Mumbai police, seeks to represent South Mumbai as one of 543 legislators in the lower parliament.  He is a black belt in Judo and Goju Rio. He was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal video, which noted he is running against three other candidates, none of whom dress up in a costume and scale local buildings surprising the residents within.

Sharma entered into the Limca Book of Records by climbing the facade of the Shreepati Arcade, one of the tallest buildings in Mumbai, in 19 minutes and 4 seconds.  The act was done as a tribute to the victims of the terror attack in Mumbai.

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