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Sound Grenade: A Tiny But Powerful Life-Saving Device

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When you hear the words “wearable technology,” you probably instantly think of a smartwatch or fitness tracker. However, there are other forms of wearable technology which do a fundamentally more important job: personal safety: Today we’re taking a look at the Sound Grenade, more commonly known as ROBOCOPP. Read to find out how this small but robust device could save your life.

A tiny sound grenade

Other than money, your loved ones, and possibly your car or home, what do you cherish the most? The majority of people would more than likely say “Safety.” Depending on where you live in the world, personal safety can be a small or big issue. However, no matter where you are, there is always a risk that you could run into wildlife or someone who means you harm.

We’re not trying to sound pessimistic; instead, we’re painting a picture that illustrates the need to carry a device which can be deployed quickly and used to call for help or scare away a foe. That is exactly what the Sound Grenade has been designed to do. It is a tiny blue, black, purple or uniquely-colored device which can hang on your keyring or on a string around your campsite. It can even be given to a child when they’re away from the safety of a parent.

sound grenade design
Image Source: robocopp.com

What does it weigh and how loud is it?

Weighing in at just one ounce, this is a sturdy, yet lightweight piece of technology. However, when a user feels the need to use the device, its top pin can be quickly pulled out, even by a child or senior. Doing so will produce a 120-decibel alarm which is as loud as a fire engine or ambulance in most countries.

In fact, if you were to be walking along a regular city street, this alarm could be heard from as far away as 150 feet, meaning that not only could it be used to scare away a mugger, but it could also be used as a means to locate someone.

sound grenade pin
Image Source: robocopp.com

How long does the alarm last?

Once the pin has been pulled, the Sound Grenade will continue to emit its 150-decibel siren for 30 minutes or until its battery runs out; however, the battery is designed to last 1 year without the pin being pulled.

Furthermore, the pin has been designed so that accidental pulls and alarms going off are unlikely. Its design requires a firm and intentional tug from a user to detach it. So unless you intend to prank someone with the Sound Grenade, it is never going to go off in a non-safety-related incident.

Where can it be used?

The Sound Grenade can be used anywhere in the world, and as the world’s smallest SOS device, it can be neatly stored within your luggage when you go on holiday. So whether you’re walking to the store, lying on a beach, or even trawling through the jungle, the Sound Grenade is the perfect protection device.

TSA-approved and always ready to protect its user, this is an empowering and versatile little gadget. It is available to buy from both robocopp.com and Amazon.

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