Intel To Use Core i7 Chip To Power Self-Driving Cars [REPORT]

Intel To Use Core i7 Chip To Power Self-Driving Cars [REPORT]
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Intel is planning to put a Core i7 chip inside automated vehicles as the primary controller in cooperation with Mobileye’s EyeQ chips, according to The New York Times. Later, the chip maker will use an unnamed and more powerful processor which could be unveiled in a few weeks, presumable in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Intel serious about self-driving tech

Transmeta, a small low-power chip startup, forced the chip maker to retool its desktop PC processors 16 years ago to meet the demands of notebooks, explains PC World. And now the chip maker is adapting its desktop processors to a completely new market: self-driving vehicles.

Intel’s Core i7 will not arrive in cars for about two years, according to the Times. The report claims that those chips will be capable of about “20 trillion mathematical operation per second.” A later version of the same system will have twice or thrice the processing power.

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