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Which Social Media Stock Will Grow The Most In The Next 5 Years?

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Every week, Benzinga conducts a sentiment survey* to understand what traders are most excited about, interested in or thinking about as they manage and build their personal portfolios.

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Q2 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more

This week, we asked a group of over 250 traders and investors about 5 of the world’s most prominent social media firms by market capitalization.

Best Social Media Stock

Over the next 5 years, which social media stock will have the largest percentage gain?

  • Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)
  • Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)
  • Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP)
  • Pinterest (NYSE: PINS)
  • Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM)


During this week’s study, 42.4% of respondents told us Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) would grow the most by 2025. Zoom reported a 355% Q2 2020 revenue increase and a 458% year-over-year increase in client accounts. Zoom shares currently trade at $481.80 per share.


This week’s report saw 31.6% of traders and investors backing Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) as the stock that would experience the largest percentage gain in the next 5 years.

The social media conglomerate is known for more than its newsfeeds, having acquired Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR and Giphy in recent years. Facebook is currently trading at $255.25 per share.


Respondents were less confident on the future price per share of Pinterest (NYSE: PINS), which garnered only 12% of support. Per Pinterest’s Q2 2020 earnings report, there is some room for optimism. Pinterest saw ad business revenue increase 4% year-over-year in Q2. Pinterest is currently trading at $43.42 per share.

Twitter and Snapchat

Meanwhile, fellow social media platforms Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and Snapchat (NYSE: SNAP) lagged behind in our surveying, receiving 8% and 6% of votes, respectively.

In Q2 2020, Twitter reported revenue of $683,438,000, a decrease of 18.77% year over year. This figure missed analyst consensus estimates of $704,460,000. As of publishing, shares of Twitter are trading at $45.90.

Meanwhile, Snap’s user base has seen marked growth in 2020. For Q2 2020, Snap reported daily active users were up 17% year-over-year. Snap is currently trading at $26.87 a share.

*This survey was conducted by Benzinga in September 2020 and included the responses of a diverse population of adults 18 or older.

Opting into the survey was completely voluntary, with no incentives offered to potential respondents. The study reflects results from over 250 adults.