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Too lazy to get out of your home just to make a simple purchase?

Do you need to book a ticket for your long-awaited holiday but your lunch break is too short to do it?

Fear not, E-commerce is here to satisfy your shopping needs and urges. About 28 million fans on eBay, your online shopping destination, prove that you can easily purchase anything you need with a touch of your fingers.

Since around 2010, a number of brands started noticing a steady increase in profits, solely by joining virtual marketplaces like eBay. Clothing, jewelry, IT and other collectibles industries began to cooperate with social media platforms, resulting in happy consumers and higher profits for the retailers. People around the globe, now have the luxurious opportunity to connect with the brands, to broadcast their opinion on a certain product, and help others choose what to purchase. E-commerce has even gone so far, as to allow you to try on garments on yourself before deciding to buy them.

Individuals use computers and the internet more and more every day; whether it is for pleasure or as a means of conducting business. Smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets are taking the world by storm, swinging the gates wide open for a form of e-commerce engaging that is much more social and engaging.

The main idea of social commerce is building trust among potential consumers by analyzing the numerous reviews left on social media channels. People that have tried something are certainly more credible than empty advertising promises.

Social media marketing brings you closer to the goods you are looking for, customizing offers based on your search history. If you spend a lot of time googling for literature, your eBay store can recommend thousands of potential book choices: used, rare, new, academic, fiction and many more. This makes for a happy ending after your extensive search for the perfect book.

Meanwhile, eBay also offers tempting discounts that are too good to pass. If you are looking for an anniversary gift for your wife, you are not going to make a mistake if you gift her an eBay voucher.

Social media platforms are the best option for indecisive consumers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest form just the tip of the virtual iceberg. They enable consumers to engage with the brand itself, talk about attributes they love and ones they hate.

Such an example is Nike, the brand with over 75 million followers on Instagram. Teenagers and wage earners enjoy using media outlets to see what is on offer, who is the newest celebrity that wore Nike sneakers and what are people commenting about the new Nike campaign. Networking, socializing and creates a steady flow of followers and profits. About 78% of shoppers reveal that engaging with brands online has affected their decision to make a purchase.

Social commerce has been opening doors for people for a while now. Small Retailers use markets like eBay to expand, and similarly, popular brands frequent social media with their own official websites in order to interact with supporters.

People already see the benefits of online shopping. Bringing it closer to real shopping by adding a social dimension to it enhances the experience further, laying a bright path in front of it.

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