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While no one can predict the future it is cool to look at current inventions and try to imagine what Smart Houses may look like in the near future.

  • The homes of the future will be greener, cleaner and more efficient 
  • The kitchen could become the tech hub of the in smart houses
  • Create electricity on the go with nanotech clothes that draw energy from the sun 

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What will our smart houses look like in the future and how will it benefit our lives

It’s a popular question in modern pop-culture and one that’s become particularly prevalent with the advancements in technology in recent years. Even in the past decade, we’re seeing science fiction becoming reality. Everything from drones to driverless cars, these technological advances are already here or will be in the near future. Driverless cars, for instance, are already being tested in some American states.

What about the improvements closer to home? Well, according to a new infographic by price comparison website, Service Octopus, there will be quite a few home improvements. All of which will enhance our way of living in some way.

Household chores, for instance, could be a thing of the past. So cleaning, washing, vacuuming and more, could all be automated and completed by robots. Dr. Ian Pearson from Futurizon commented on the infographic stating, “with all the household robot assistance expected to arrive over the next decade or two, doing the household chores will evolve into a managerial task where you explain to the smart houses AI what you want to be done and it organises it for you."

This opens up a wealth of opportunities for companies looking to exploit both the home electronics market and home services market. Interestingly, this is also symbiotic with the recent stories of mankind being on the cusp of an AI boom.

Now the eradication of household chores will seem like a dream to many. However, we’ll also see greener, more economic households. Energy generation is one area which will not only benefit the environment but also the pockets of the homeowner. From the windows on your home to the clothes on your back, a variety of everyday household items could soon come complete with solar cells.

That being said, efficiency in solar cells in solar panels will rocket. Solar windows, in particular, could have an even bigger impact on the way we live. Researchers are looking at ways of making these high tech windows completely transparent. This will allow them to be installed on smart houses and commercial buildings around the world, potentially providing a huge amount of our daily energy needs. As Richard Lunt from Michigan State University says, “It opens a lot of area to deploy solar energy in a non-intrusive way.”

As for reducing household waste, the kitchens of tomorrow are likely to be greener. The Smart Table, part of a 2025 kitchen concept from IDEO and IKEA will be “designed to inspire people to be more creative with food and throw away less".

Excitingly, one item on the infographic which is due to launch this year is the FridgeCam from Smarter. A sign that the future is already here. It’s hoped it will help homeowners throw away less by showing them exactly what’s in their fridge and keeping a close watch on sell-by dates. As Christian Lane, CEO of Smarter says “This is where the much talked about Internet of Things and Connected Products really start to have a positive effect on customers’ pockets and everyday lives.”

Thanks to technological advancements, we can look forward to smart houses that are greener, cleaner and more efficient, something that’s good news for everyone. You can view the infographic below.

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