The Future Of Smart Homes [INOFGRAPHIC]

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What will the era of Smart Homes bring to us? Find out more below.

Growing up today is a very different affair to what most of us will have experienced. For many of getting our first PC, cassette player or mobile phone (which was often so large that the ‘mobile’ aspect was questionable) was a memorable and exciting experience. However, fast-forward to today and it’s easy to wonder how we got by with so little technology. Nowadays we’re able to buy products online at the touch of a button, can video chat with friends hundreds or thousands of miles away and can turn our central heating on without even needing to be at home.

The ways in which our lives have changed due to technology are insurmountable, and this looks to continue as we move towards living in smart homes. With rapid advancements in AI and Machine Learning, smart appliances will become part of every home in the not too distant future. Some of us will already have smart thermostats or app controlled appliances in our homes, but these items will become increasingly popular in the coming years thanks to continued advancements in technology and an increased awareness of our impact on the environment.

With these advancements in mind, the latest infographic from The Lighting Superstore looks at the ways in which our homes will change because of technology. Our homes are likely to change both inside and out, with driveways having the potential to be heated to counter against heavy snowfall. Meanwhile, many homes will install charging stations for electrical cars, particularly as we move towards banning diesel cars for environmental reasons. Additionally, gardens could benefit from smart water schedules thanks to smart devices monitoring weather data in real-time.

As we move inside, we’re likely to changes in every room of the home. Kitchens will become host to smart fridges which will notify users when stocks are running low and will have the ability to automatically place online orders to replenish food. Smart devices in the kitchen will in fact make our lives much easier, with smart coffee makers allowing you to make a cup of coffee from your bed and to adjust caffeine levels to your exact taste. Smart ovens will likely be able to recognise the item you’re cooking and recognise which temperature it should be at. You’ll also be able to use integrated cameras within the oven to monitor the dish’s progress and could even be sent an alert once it’s ready to be removed.

Living rooms will begin to feature thinner, flexible televisions and virtual reality headsets will be even more popular. And, like something out of a sci-fi movie, we could be living alongside robo-pets which will adapt to understand commands. Elsewhere in the home, smart toilets will monitor who is using them and will be able to keep an eye on the individual’s health from their toilet use. In the bedroom, smart devices will ensure we get the perfect night’s sleep every single night through responsive mattresses and air purification devices.


Smart homes might seem a world away from our current homes, however it won’t be long until some of these inventions start finding their way into your homes, ultimately improving our quality of life and benefiting the environment.

The Future Of Smart Homes INOFGRAPHIC

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