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A Quick Guide To Choosing Collaboration Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Collaboration Tools – How to decide between Slack and Microsoft Teams

One of the many challenges businesses face is in trying to bring together disparate teams of professionals from across their infrastructure.

Within important projects, it’s critical to use collaboration tools that allow for seamless coordination and communication across regions and devices.

To help guide your firm in selecting that ideal collaboration tool for your business, here are some tips:

Choose Based on User Help Bots

The leading collaboration tools now include bots that answer the user’s questions and help them understand the performance of the product. For example, the Microsoft Teams application uses the Who-Bot, which is built based on Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and answers questions by pulling data directly from the Active Directory.

Another of the leading tools, Slack offers the SlackBot, which can be configured to offer customized messages based on the data offered by the project manager.

Review the Video Chat Options

Video chat is a critical element of collaboration, particular when complex data must be analyzed and utilized. Users must be able to determine how best to move forward by visualizing the available information.

Microsoft Teams presents seamless integration with Skype, which allows for multi-person conferencing. The product also provides support for conferencing in 18 different languages. Slack offers an inbuilt video chat tool, but only offers multi-person conferencing for users who have the premium service.

Analyze Third-Party Integrations

As with any business application, third-party integrations can be determining factors in the return on investment achieved. Slack offers full integration with a range of Google products, including Drive, Sheets, and Documents.

The product is integrated with over 750 third party applications at launch, at this time. Microsoft Teams has the advantage in terms of compatibility to Microsoft products such as Office 365. However, the system has limited compatibility with third-party vendor products and currently only offer 150 integrations at launch.

Begin building the ideal collaboration space for your company today! Here’s an infographic from marketing agency TechWyse comparing Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Slack Vs Microsoft Teams – A Quick Guide To Choosing Collaboration Tools

Choosing Collaboration Tools Slack Vs Microsoft Teams

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