Sinai Attacks: Where Is Egypt Headed?

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The National Association for Change called for an informal mass funeral in Tahrir Square for 25 Egyptian soldiers who were killed by a terrorist group in Sinai on Monday. (Also see: Egypt’s Free Media Zone Urges Foreign Channels ‘To Stick To Accuracy’)

Sinai Attacks: Where Is Egypt Headed?

Suspected militants fired-rocket propelled grenades at two buses

At least 25 recruits were killed and three were injured when suspected militants fired-rocket propelled grenades at two buses carrying the recruits in North Sinai, Egypt.

Holding an informal funeral “affirms the people’s support for the army and the police in their open war against terrorists linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and to other groups that believe societies are un-Islamic”.

The brutal massacre against those soldiers “is proof that the terrorist killers do not belong to the soil of this country”, said Ahmed Taha al-Naqr, the association’s spokesman.

Naqr pointed to the incitement to violence and killing coming from Brotherhood leaders and these groups’ confession of involvement in Egypt’s terrorist operations in Sinai, Naqr said in a statement on Monday.

This massacre undoubtedly confirms that the Brotherhood and the groups in allegiance with it are waging an open war against the nation, Naqr stated.

He also noted that these groups seek political and military foreign intervention in Egypt.

They pose “a grave danger to Egyptian national security and they must be dealt with on that basis”, Naqr added.

Egypt’s Army warns citizens against allowing unidentified people to access rooftops

Egypt’s Armed Forces warned citizens of allowing unknown people to mount rooftops of buildings, urging everyone to exercise caution.

Military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali urged residents’ unions of Egypt to take all necessary measures to firmly close doors leading to their rooftops and prevent any unknown person from accessing them.

The Armed Forces detected attempts by unidentified people, who claim to belong to either the armed forces or the police, to mount some rooftops of buildings in different areas in Cairo and other cities of Egypt, the spokesman said in a post on his Facebook page.

Any such attempt must be immediately reported to the armed forces or the police via hotlines dedicated to these services, he added.

The identity of anyone who attempts to access rooftops must be checked, Ali stated.

Russia advises citizens against travel to Egypt

The Russian Foreign Ministry renewed its warning to citizens to avoid traveling to Egypt due to the continuous political instability.

Incoming data from Egypt show that the situation at the country’s popular report areas, especially Sharm al-Sheikh and Hurghada, are generally under control, yet the travel advisory remains in place, the Russian Novosti News Agency reported the Russian Foreign Ministry as saying.

The ministry warned its citizens last Thursday not to travel to Egypt following the outbreak of violence between security forces and allies of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

“About 40 percent want to fly (to Egypt) no matter what,” general director at Pegas Tours Anna Podgornaya told Novosti, adding that this proportion is falling every day.

Unless the Foreign Ministry changes its travel advice, the tourist flow to Egypt will gradually drop to zero, Podgornaya added.

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