How to Sideload BarMagnet Torrent App on iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

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If you own an iPad or iPhone and have taken to jailbreaking, you’ve probably heard of the BarMagnet torrent app. It’s currently available via the BigBoss repository and is a hit among those who use it. However, if you are a non-jailbreak user, you probably haven’t heard of it. After all, it probably breaks many of the App Store guidelines. As such today, we’re going to tell you a little about it and how to sideload it (no jailbreak required) onto your iOS 10 running device.

The BarMagnet Torrent App

BarMagnet is an app that allows you to remote control your favorite torrent client while on the move. Featuring support for almost all desktop clients, it can take care of important functions while away from the computer.

While away the app enables the inclusion of new torrents via its built-in web browser and the ability to start and pause them. Additionally, there’s the added benefit of being able to see download speeds and estimated time of completion.

Sideloading Requirements

As with all sideloading tutorials, there are certain requirements which must be met before starting. Please make sure you read through the list below before starting.

1. The most important part of this tutorial is that you have the BarMagnet API file. You can find and download it here. And then save it to your computer, for ease of access later.

2. Since this is a sideloading tutorial, you will be required to have a copy of Cydia Impactor. It is available for Windows, Linux 32-bit, and 64-bit, as well as MacOS X, you can get it here.

3. Finally, for this requirements list, you should have the very latest version of iTunes installed. Please update it now, if you already have it, it’s time to start the tutorial.

If this is your first time sideloading an app, we’re about to guide you through the process of installing the torrent app. This will supposedly allow you once complete to control your downloads when away from a Mac or PC. During this process, you will be required to read and repeat multiple steps. As such, we advise you to read one at a time, and when understood act upon it. Following the instructions in this way is proven to reduce the chances of errors and mistakes from occurring.

How to Sideload BarMagnet Onto iOS 10

1. With the above requirements met, it is now time to connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer via USB.

2. In part two of the requirements, you downloaded Cydia Impactor. Go to where you stored it and Run its exe.file.

3. Once Cydia starts to operate, it will be able to detect your connected iOS 10 device. From within Cydia’s dropdown list, Select it.

4. The first item on the requirements list asked you to download the BarMagnet IPA File. Drag it into the open Cydia Window.

5. Next, you will be required to enter your Apple ID, if you have a paid developer account do this now. Having one will prevent you from having to resign the apps security certificate every 7-days.

However, if you don’t have one, you can chose to have a Free Apple ID. You can get one here, while there look for APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS, followed by clicking Generate Password. Unfortunately, taking this option will mean having to resign the license every 7-days.

6. Once the Apple ID has been entered Cydia will start sideloading the BarMagnet torrent app onto your device. It is advised that you Do Not Touch Your iOS Device Or Computer at this point. In fact, it’s best that you leave it them to do their work.

7. Having shown restraint/patience for at least 10-minutes (to be safe) on the return you should find the job is complete. You should be able to see a BarMagnet App icon on your iPhone or iPads Home Screen. However, don’t attempt to run it yet.

8. You must first Trust the Apps Certificate, to do that go to Settings >>> General >>> Profiles. Followed by Selecting the Apps Profile and then Trusting the certificate.

And that’s it, you now no longer have to feel left out in the cold because you do not have a jailbroken device. You can join those who have been happily controlling their torrents with BarMagnet and enjoy the benefits.

Image Source: Darren Wall, ValueWalk

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