Police Responding To Active Shooter At Alpine High School In Texas

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A number of early reports about “two shooters on the loose” have turned out to be quite mistaken. Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson has now told the press that a female student shot and wounded another girl in a school bathroom before turning the gun on herself and fatally wounding herself.

The lockdown has been lifted as of this writing. Unfortunately, when school returns from summer break, school shootings are likely to return throughout the nation once again.


Dallas/Fort Worth NBC Affiliate Channel 5 is now reporting that one person was killed at Alpine High School this morning in addition to the person taken to the hospital. Police still believe that they are looking for two suspects that remain on the loose.


Police have now confirmed to the Daily News that they are dealing with an active shooter(s) situation and that shots were fired according to the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office which is responsible for the Alpine School District.

Alpine is located in west Texas about 200 miles from El Paso.

The school and the rest of the district’s roughly 1,000 students, as well as staff, are on lockdown. The Brewster County Sheriff’s office also told news outlets that at least one person has been rushed to the hospital this morning.

In addition to the one person being transported to the hospital a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson has told a Midland, Texas CBS affiliate that the police are searching for two shooters that remain on the loose.


The school which is part of the Alpine Independent School District put itself on “critical lockdown” immediately.

So far no confirmation of shots fired has come from the police. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available and hope all involved are safe this morning.


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