3 Secret Service Agents Sent Home For Alleged Drunkenness

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The U.S. Secret Service has suffered yet another embarrassing incident regarding the behavior of its agents, as it was reported today that three Secret Service agents assigned to President Obama’s entourage for his ongoing trip to Amsterdam were recalled from duty for “disciplinary reasons”.

It has not been made clear what rules the agents violated, but the issues are reportedly related to drunkenness on the part of at least one agent.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Secret Service source briefed on the incident said it occurred well before President Obama arrived in Amsterdam midday Monday. The source also confirmed that none of the suspended agents were supervisors.

President Obama arrived in Amsterdam on Monday to participate in a conference on global nuclear security. Amsterdam is just the first stop of the president’s six-day diplomacy-focused trip through Europe and then Saudi Arabia before returning to the United States on Sunday.

Violations apparently involved drunkenness

Although no details have been provided to date, The Washington Post is reporting that one Secret Service agent was found in a drunken stupor in a hotel corridor early Sunday morning. No further information on the violations of other two agents has been provided to date.

Prior Secret Service incidents

This incident in Amsterdam is yet another black eye for the high-profile federal agency. There have been a number of unfortunate incidents involving misbehavior of Secret Service employees over the last five or six years.

In the most notable and embarrassing recent incident, several Secret Service agents were involved in a scandal involving drinking alcohol while on duty and visits to prostitutes during a state visit by Obama trip to Cartagena, Colombia, in 2012. Following that major embarrassment, the Secret Service promulgated much more strict rules regarding employee behavior, including specifically banning any consumption of alcohol at least 10 hours before duty.

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