Searches For ‘Sell My Home Fast’ Skyrocket 2,504% In New York

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Searches for ‘sell my home fast’ skyrocket 2,504% in New York among “worst air quality in the world” reports

Online Searches For ‘Sell My Home Fast’ Skyrocket

Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for ‘sell my home fast’ exploded by 2,504% in the United States on June 7. This comes as New York is blanketed by hazardous smog from Canada’s wildfires, rendering the air quality among the world’s worst, according to a report from IQAir.

The analysis by FindStorageFast reveals that searches for ‘sell my home fast’ soared by over 26 times the average volume in the past week, an unprecedented increase in New Yorkers looking to sell their property, according to Google search data analysis. Similarly, ‘sell my house fast’ searches jumped by 2,147%.

The data also reveals that searches for ‘sell my house’ soared by 326% on the same day, a quadruple increase in a week. Statewide searches for ‘sell home’ also increased by 307%.

IQAir’s report ranked New York City’s air quality as the worst of any major city worldwide on Wednesday, overtaking New Delhi. The city has been covered by a blanket of orange smog due to smoke from Canada’s wildfires, resulting in hazardous air quality for millions. Authorities have instructed residents to remain inside.

As well as residents looking to move, New York-based searches for ‘air purifier’ have shot up by 2,418% in the past week due to environmental conditions in the city.

This comes when the U.S. housing market has slowed due to increased property prices and mortgage rates, which is approaching 7%, up from 2% a year and a half ago. According to Zillow, the average house price in New York is up 2.7% on last year at just under $650,000, and the median rent is $3,650.

Sell My Home Fast

D’Arcy Hunter, CEO and Founder of FindStorageFast, commented on the findings:

“With rising inflation rates, property values have surged, but homeowners and sellers still aren’t in a prime position to benefit. High rental and purchase prices and banks not willing to lend means that first-time buyers can’t afford to cover down payments. Sellers also cannot afford to repurchase in central urban areas.

With the report showing that New York’s air quality is currently among the world’s worst, it is clear to see why New Yorkers are tempted to sell at this time. As the housing market becomes a bigger challenge in America, it will be interesting to see if this spike translates into more listings and sales and what this may mean for the city’s housing market long-term.”

Sell My Home Fast
Sell My Home Fast
Sell My Home Fast
Sell My Home Fast