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It appears that there is a great deal of opportunities to make money in Scranton if you have ties to the mob. After all, the mob has had quite the presence in the Scranton area since the coal mining era and it would be a bit naive to think that these influences would just up and disappear right? Where is the press in all of this?


The theft of the future of Scrantonians is a well orchestrated plot that is based on the intersection between politics, unions and criminal outfits. What we commonly refer to as the political machine or “confederate of dunces” is very much deliberate plot. The reality of Scranton is that the greed of certain individuals has created a situation where the remaining resources that are not stolen are fought over by the rest of the power brokers in the city. The result is a scavenging culture where everyone tries to steal as much as they can before the ship sinks. And be sure that the ship will sink. The current projected financials of the city leave nothing to the imagination. There is no chance for Scranton to remain even a remotely viable city while being in possessions of sky-high debts that tower upwards of 400 million dollars. The city is rife with poverty, so much so that a job for at 12 dollars an hour appears luxurious. This is the result of years of neglect, selfishness and incompetence. The repeated lie that nothing can be done is just that- a lie. The truth is that the status quo protects an entrench few and they would sell their children and dignity (of course, they already have) before they give up power.


The strangest part of all this is that this does not have to be the story of Scranton. Much of the nonsense that takes place in Scranton only happens because no one talks about it. The people of Scranton have either become desensitized to the corruption and malfeasance or they are afraid of losing what little they have. A local Scrantonian told me that the city gives the residents just enough to get by so that they do not rock the boat. This idea is completely offensive since the “just enough” they give Scrantonians to get by is entirely insignificant, if not laughable. Especially in a country that has a 19 trillion dollar economy where literally a million millionaires live, it is not a stretch to say that this country has the resources to make any city thrive economically. Scrantonians have been deceived so often that it is hard for them to know what exactly is the truth. Well, let Save Scranton spell it out for you as plainly as possible:

  1. The Scranton government corruption is high
  2. The Scranton area is purposely kept depressed so that there is no challenge to the power of the political machine, a.k.a “confederate of dunces”, deeply entrenched in this city
  3. The solution to stopping this foolishness is to expose it, speak out against it and rally towards reform.

Save Scranton has been laboring tirelessly to accomplish exposing the corruption in Scranton and rallying the Scranton people. We implore everyone in Scranton to understand that this injustice should not stand any longer. There is no reason why only people who belong or connected to the political machine should prosper. There is enough for everyone. It is high time that the city of Scranton begins functioning for all Scrantonians and not just a corrupt few. We will not wait for this day. We will bring it to fruition ourselves!
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