New Samsung Leak Gives Updated Information On Galaxy S9 Aesthetic

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It seems that Samsung just can’t keep the details of their flagships under wrap. With how popular their Galaxy lineup is, it’s no wonder that information gets out here and there. This recent leak is more than a little hint, however, as it reveals some key aspects of the new Galaxy S9 aesthetic and design.

New Colors

SamMobile, a reliable source for leaks on new phone releases, has discovered some new information on the colors that will be available for the new Samsung flagship at launch. This information follows recent info on the Galaxy S9, such as even smaller bezels, dual cameras, headphone jack, and a somewhat lackluster fingerprint reader.

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is giving users more choice than ever before. With how expensive flagships are becoming, finding that perfect color makes an already excellent device just a little bit better. Purple, black, gold and blue options will all be available on day one, with silver and grey likely to follow. Perhaps the most surprising of these options is purple, a finish we haven’t yet seen on the Galaxy line.

There’s no current news on what exactly these colors will be named, but it’s definitely going to be something a little more catchy — and a little more weird, if past color labels are any indication — than a simple “purple” or “blue.”

Are These Colors A Sure Thing?

One thing to keep in mind is that Samsung often tests colors that don’t make it to release. While SamMobile is a reliable source for leaks, the fact remains that we know very little about these phones. It’s possible that these new colors will release later in the phone’s lifespan — the new burgundy red finish for the Galaxy S8 being a prime example. Delaying these new colors could even be a strategic decision for Samsung, boosting sales of their new flagship after the initial hype dies down. It’s definitely looking like all of these colors are currently being tested, but what we’ll actually see during the launch remains to be seen.

If these rumors are reliable and turn out to be true, it raises an interesting question. Will Samsung expand these new color options to their rest of the lineup? Or will fancy new colors like purple remain exclusively a high-end finish. A unique new shade to spice up phones that fall behind in power and features may even boost sales of their more affordable mid-range devices.

This new information is exciting even if it’s not a sure thing. With a pretty substantial redesign and a brand new lineup of colors, the Galaxy S9 is shaping up to be a breath of fresh air from a company whose successive releases often look pretty much the same.

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