Galaxy S9 Camera Details Leak Online

Galaxy S9 Camera Details Leak Online
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Samsung fans should sit up and pay attention as Galaxy S9 camera details have recently been leaked online. This will obviously be a critical aspect of the forthcoming flagship from the Korean corporation, and it is thus interesting to see what information has seeped out from close to the Samsung supply chain.

It is notable that this new Galaxy S9 camera leak is very much indicative of the general direction of the industry. While smartphone manufacturers had previously focused on delivering ever higher megapixel ratings, it seems that aperture is now a focus of major smartphones.

Dual-lens leak

Plus, this latest report suggests that the aperture of the secondary camera on the Galaxy S9 Plus will be f/2.4. interestingly, the same reports suggest that Samsung will resist the temptation to include a dual-camera in the Galaxy S9, and will stick to a single-lens units. But there will be a dual-lens in the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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However, the improved aperture of the Galaxy S9 camera is not the only upgrade in this device. It seems that the Galaxy S9 camera will benefit from an adjustable aperture, and this will be applied across the whole generation. This is a common feature of standalone snappers, but would be unique in the smartphone marketplace were it to come to fruition.

Many previous manufacturers have tinkered with the idea of delivering a DSLR camera, but such an approach has yet to be considered feasible. Apple in particular was linked with including a DSLR unit in the iPhone series, but this has been conspicuous by its absence thus far. An adjustable aperture would certainly be a step towards delivering a DSLR quality unit, and would undoubtedly be one of the major selling points of the Galaxy S9.

Low light improvement

The Galaxy S9 camera will deliver superior shooting in low light conditions if the aperture reported is delivered. The larger the aperture included, the more light is able to enter the sensor, so this would assist the Galaxy S9 camera in darker conditions. This is a notorious challenge for smartphone shooters, and would undoubtedly be welcomed by Samsung fans across the globe.

This news means that the Galaxy S9 camera may be a major focus of the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It has been suggested by some sources that the flagship of the Korean corporation may put in an appearance at CES, but at the very least Samsung may use the event to tease these new features.

The prominent Evan Blass has been among the voices suggesting that CES will be the destination for the Galaxy S9 unveiling.

Other players in the mobile niche have also indicated their keenness to address the aperture capabilities of their particular cameras. This is indicative of the challenges that smartphone snappers face in shooting good-quality pictures in low light conditions.

LG has already announced that its V30 will deliver the first ever f/1.6 aperture in a smartphone, but the Galaxy S9 will reportedly blitz this by providing a f/1.5 snapper.

Mobile World Congress

If the Consumer Electronics date turns out to be incorrect, Samsung will probably launch the Galaxy S9 at the Mobile World Congress once more. This annual event takes place in Barcelona, with this year’s edition beginning on February 26. It will certainly be fascinating to see what the Korean consumer electronics giant has in store for the Galaxy S9, as it can be considered a direct response to the hugely successful iPhone X.

Interestingly, the latest reports on the Galaxy S9 also suggest that the location and nature of the fingerprint sensor from the Galaxy S8 will be retained. This would effectively put an end to suggestions that Samsung could integrate this feature within the screen of the Galaxy S9.

Apple has also been linked with this technology, but opted against it for the recent iPhone X and iPhone 8 releases, instead promoting its Face ID system as being the future of security for the iPhone series.

There probably won’t be an equivalent of Face ID included in the Galaxy S9, and it will also benefit from a traditional fingerprint sensor, placed on the rear of the handset. However, whispers from close to the Samsung supply chain suggest that it will be placed centrally, making it more accessible and less awkward than the fingerprint sensor from the Galaxy S8.

Taiwan deal

Samsung has reportedly also agreed a deal with a Taiwanese supplier for the Galaxy S9, according to Korean-language ETNews. The report also indicates that the final contract for the Galaxy S9 should be signed soon, with the release of the device obviously imminent.

If the Galaxy S9 camera isn’t a big enough selling point for Android fans, another interesting aspect of the S9 range will be the inclusion of a third release. It seems that a more diminutive version of the Galaxy S9 will be made available, as a direct answer to the iPhone SE product from Apple. It is also believed that Apple will update this four-inch smartphone this year with an iPhone SE2 release.

Another major question with the Galaxy S9 generation will be whether Samsung chooses to include 4K resolution technology. This has become far more mainstream over the last 12 months, with both Sony and Microsoft utilizing 4K as a major aspect of their recent PS4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles.

It has long since been suggested that Samsung will include 4K in its product range at some point, but it has resisted the temptation to do so. Nonetheless, it would be natural for the Korean company, as it has become associated with outstanding screen technology since it became the world’s largest seller of television sets back in 2008.

Regardless of this, it seems that the Galaxy S9 camera will be a major selling point of this hotly anticipated device.

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