Samsung’s Most Innovative Phone In 2017 Will Be Galaxy X [Report]

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Samsung tasted grand success with this year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Latest rumors suggest that the Korean electronics giant will release not one, not two, but five flagship smartphones next year including the Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, and Note 7 Edge. But its most innovative smartphone will be Galaxy X with a foldable display and 4K resolution.

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A foldable display with 4K resolution

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Note 7 and Note 7 Edge will feature a Super AMOLED display with 2.5K resolution and an RGB subpixel arrangement. Samsung has been working on a foldable display smartphone for years under the Project Valley, and it is said to finally debut in 2017. In January, Samsung Display’s director Lee Chang-hoon said that the development of foldable OLED was progressing “according to our plan.”

The Galaxy X is rumored to have a diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement. The report adds that it will be a 5-inch device that would look like a regular smartphone when folded. But it will almost double in size when opened, allowing customers to use it as a tablet. A foldable display will make the Galaxy X much easier to carry in a pocket. Samsung has not officially provided any details regarding the foldable smartphone.

Galaxy X may boost Samsung’s sales

Market observers believe that releasing a smartphone with an entirely new form factor would help Samsung attract smartphone enthusiasts. Most major smartphone makers are witnessing a decline in their sales. Each new device flooding the market seems to be similar to its predecessor, with only minor improvements. Making such a radically different device as the Galaxy X could put Samsung ahead of the competition.

Various reports indicate that the Galaxy X may not be launched in all the international markets. It may initially be available only in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and a few other European countries. Meanwhile, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 6 in August this year.


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