Samsung Making A Foldable Smartphone Under Project Valley

Samsung Making A Foldable Smartphone Under Project Valley
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South Korean electronics giant Samsung has proved with the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge that it doesn’t hesitate to experiment. Over the past few months, it has filed several patents relating to foldable, dual-screen smartphones. Now SamMobile has learned from inside sources that Samsung is indeed working on a foldable, dual-screen phone under the Project Valley (or Project V).

Samsung’s Project V may arrive in 2016

The phone is currently in the “extremely early stages” of development, so little is known about its specs and features. The phone supports multiple gestures to let users switch between the two screens. SamMobile has a solid track record of revealing information about upcoming Samsung products. Its codename Project V itself indicates that the phone will have two sides that fold together. Letter V could be a reference to the shape it makes when folded.

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Since the project is still in very early stage of development and the risky nature of such revolutionary projects, SamMobile notes that it could be terminated at any time. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Samsung would release a completely foldable smartphone by 2016. If the latest report is to be believed, the Korean giant is hard at work to meet that deadline.

Samsung focused on disruptive technologies

It suggests that Samsung is focusing on unique smartphone form factors to maintain its lead in the global smartphone market. Though it has tasted success with curved screen devices such as the Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, foldable and dual-screen phones are a lot more challenging. We have seen some quite impressive prototypes. But it takes a lot of time and investment to fully develop those prototypes into a viable device that users would love, and commercialize them.

Meanwhile, the Korean company is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 5 Edge at the annual IFA even in September. While Note 5 is internally code named Project Noble, while Note 5 Edge is code named Project Zen.

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    again, you can’t “create” a market, when you don’t “create “anything. get it? want to say they revolutionized the market, you can say that. but they created nothing, they copied what others did before them, and rebranded it.

    Sorry junior, Apple is nothing but another company that did what every company did before them, and what every company will continue to do after them. The only difference is they have never really created anything. Just take what others do, and put their spin on it.

    Which you basically just conceded too, so yes, since you have admitted I was right. you can go. I feel like i educated you enough.

    all the best

  2. You really have no idea what you are talking about or what a MARKET is. Michael Jordan CREATED the collectors market for shoes. And NO PHONE had a large screen that had only 1 button on the front with visual voicemail group messaging UNTIL APPLE you ignoramus that IS CREATING A MARKET when everybody COPIES you and succeeds after you did it first. THERE WERE NO TABLETS BEING SOLD IN THE MILLIONS UNTIL APPLE RELEASED THE IPAD. THEY CREATED A MARKET FOR SAMSUNG AND MICROSOFT TO SELL IN. Im done with you.

  3. I’m sorry. no, that is not how “creation” works. Apple didn’t “create” the smart phone market, they didn’t “create” the MP3 market or the tablet market.

    Smartphones, tablets AND MP3s were around long before the first ” I ” anything.

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  4. Who really cares as long as its being made to make peoples lives better, Who created the smartphone market? Who created the tablet market? Who created the MP3 Player market? APPLE thats who, and just because you invent something doesnt mean you deserve all the glory. The person who actually make the invention usable is just as important. A guy Jacque Fresco invented glasses-less 3D back in the 1960s for a top hollywood movie producer, but its still not used today so he failed and only deserves partial credit.

  5. Because Apple has NEVER made anything new. It’s not their style, they take something that already exists, put their stamp on it and “claim” it’s new. i.e. touch screens, aluminium phones, locked in batteries, gesture support, HD screens, swipe for control center, widgets, finger print scanner, and having phones over 4”, NFC payments,and of course, apps.

    that is what apple does, they don’t create or innovate, they don’t push boundries. they never really have. They take existing products, and put their spin on it. don’t get me wrong, it’s been extremely profitable for them, more power to them. But to suggest they would be working on something like this is laughable. Because that is what the country has become, we don’t create, innovate and dominate anymore. we just sit around, and wait for someone else to do the work, and then try to make it our own.

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  6. I could not believe
    on rumors. Is there anything new on Google Project Ara that was rumored to be
    launched in the first half of 2015? Still waiting! Well, right now the real
    matter of discussion is S6/S6 Edge that has metallic glass body, fast charging
    powered by Qualcomm quick charge 2.0-technology and compatibility with wireless charging pad for Galaxy S6

  7. Apple might be working on a foldable iPhone for a decade now but all they could materialize was an a few inches streched phone with an extra row of icons. Whereas Samsung has experimented, innovated and commericalized sucessful ideas with Note and S/Edge lineup.

  8. The thing is you dont know if an American company is working on a foldable phone. When have you ever heard Apple disclose their products before launch? For all you know Apple could have been working on a foldable phone for 7 or 8 years now genius. Samsung, Google, LG all copied Apple for some things and Apple copied Samsung, Google, LG for some things.

  9. I’m sorry, but I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word gimmick. I believe the word you are looking for is innovative. You see, curved glass isn’t something that existed in phones before Samsung put it in it’s phone. This is what happens when an industry leader pushes the envelope and does things that nobody else can or will do. this is what it means to lead from the front. it’s a shame no American company can do that….owell.

  10. With this you get the small profile and portability of a small phone when folded and the luxury of a larger tablet like screen when you need to use your phone for things other than calling. In reality, a smart phone’s usage is much less as a phone and more often used as a tablet, so the larger screens only make sense (even though apple was very late to the party). A foldable screen will definitely be the norm for all future smartphones once this tech is developed. Mark my words, there will be apple fanboys claiming they were the first to develop this in the future when apple finally catches up and uses it.

  11. Ohh Damn, I remembered they talk about this 3 to 4 years ago. I would die n love 2 have this badassness foldable smartphone by SAMSUNG and not Apple. Otayyyy

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