What Should Samsung Put In The Galaxy S9 To Beat Apple Inc. iPhone?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 was released six months ago, and it introduced various features many of us loved seeing. However, now that the rumors and speculations regarding its successor, the Galaxy S9, have started, we can’t help but wonder what next year’s flagship will sport. In this article, we will talk about the features most would like to see on the Samsung Galaxy S9, so take a look at this wish list and see what the company should put in the Galaxy S9 to beat Apple

Foldable screen

Rumors about the South Korean company manufacturing a smartphone with a foldable screen have emerged a lot over the past few years. For example, it was expected that Samsung would release the Galaxy X, which supposedly would boast a foldable screen.

In fact, many people thought that they would be introduced to a foldable smartphone screen in the Galaxy S8 earlier this year. Unfortunately, the company said that it won’t be working on a smartphone with a foldable screen until 2019. Still, we can hope that the tech giant will change its mind and decide to implement it in the Galaxy S9 to beat Apple.

Revamped fingerprint scanner

Many major companies already put the fingerprint scanner below the display in order to make the experience of using their smartphone easier and more comfortable for users. That being said, Samsung had already planned to place the fingerprint sensor below the display. However, the company’s deadlines ended up being too tight to complete this plan.

A touch-sensitive button under the display does a decent job on other smartphones. However, many users of Samsung smartphones would be thrilled for the fingerprint sensor to be moved there. We too are hoping that the upcoming flagship will sport this feature. Otherwise, it might be difficult for the Galaxy S9 to beat Apple.

More budget-friendly

As you may know, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of this year’s most expensive smartphones, at least until the Note 8, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and iPhone X landed on the scene. Nevertheless, the price tag of the Galaxy S8 might have been too much for many consumers to afford when it was launched, and I believe that in the era of the exponential growth of technology, everyone deserves to own a robust, stylish, and futuristic smartphone.

Of course, financing plans are available from mobile carriers, and if customers opt for a two-year deal, the price of the Galaxy S8 doesn’t seem like that much of a nightmare anymore, especially now that we’ve seen the prices of the newer handsets. Nevertheless, we would like for the price tag on the upcoming Galaxy S9 to be a little less hefty, although that will be extremely hard.

More compact

It is no secret that smartphones are getting larger and larger, especially the Samsung Galaxy line. Unlike Apple, which offers its smaller iPhone SE, Samsung doesn’t offer a more compact flagship any longer. Instead, the company launched the even larger Galaxy S8 Plus alongside the Galaxy S8, although many users are not so fond of larger smartphones.

If Samsung offered a smaller smartphone next to its next two flagships or engineered a more compact display for the Galaxy S9, it would be more convenient for users with smaller hands or those who just prefer to fit their smartphone in their pocket. That being said, we hope that Samsung will grant one of the listed options when it comes to the screen size and especially the smartphone’s overall size.

Dual-lens camera

There were many rumors about the Galaxy S8 sporting a dual-lens camera system. Even though the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6 already boasted dual-lens cameras at that time, the rumors about the Galaxy S8 remained just that: rumors.

In fact, the overall camera system for the Galaxy S8 remained not much different than the one in the S7. That being said, we hope that Samsung will make improvements to the camera system and launch its Galaxy S9 with a high-end camera system, or else Samsung is going to fall behind the competition and it will be hard for the Galaxy S9 to beat Apple.

Will Samsung do what it takes for the Galaxy S9 To Beat Apple Fan Base?

In short, the answer is probably yes.

Recent rumors suggest that the Galaxy S9 will sport the yet-to-be-revealed Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. If the smartphone is going to sport this chipset, other Android competition and the upcoming iPhones too will have hard time keeping up.

If Samsung will grant at least one or two of our wishes, the Galaxy S9 is already a flagship winner for 2018. What do you think Samsung should include in the Galaxy S9 to beat Apple? Tell us in the comments.

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