Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumor Roundup

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Tis’ the season to stop with the iPhone rumors for a day or two and concentrate on what Samsung has planned for us with the Galaxy S7 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a few short days’ time.

Last of the Galaxy S7 rumors ahead of Barcelona?

Rumors are fun to write about, they require, essentially, zero fact checking and if you’re bored you can just start making them up as you deem fit. While we generally report from other sources, it’s a bit of a dream to hang out with your cats and rather than having to explain Einstein’s theories of gravitational waves being physically detected you need only talk a bit of smack.

Mere days from the Samsung event that sees the Korean company introduce its flagship smartphone each year, rumors continue to build.

Today, the Internet is alight with suggestions that Samsung will be introducing an always-on display for both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. While it’s been suggested that this was to be on offer for weeks, one of today’s leaks show that it’s likely the case ahead of MWC in Barcelona.

The source of that leak is the Twitter account of Eldar Murtazin who tweeted something to the effect of “What is the difference between S7 from the S6…? The first screen is on and shows the information almost always (always on ;).” My use of “To the effect of” is owing to truly awful, if not non-existent, Russian language skills.

If true, Samsung won’t be the only South Korean handset maker introducing an always-on display this year. LG, a Samsung rival, announced that its G5 smartphone will provide you with notifications, the date and time at all times in the center of the screen. While it may seem counter-intuitive, this will not drain your battery but rather preserve it.

Apparently, continually checking these things is quite the drain on battery life.

Samsung to stick with microUSB rather that moving to USB Type-C?

Photos making their rounds of the Internet today suggest that Samsung will be sticking with its “tried and true” connector rather than heading into the future. While the tech savvy were screaming for the move forward from Samsung, it appears from photos, that Samsung will not push the envelope this time around and simply stick with its microUSB port its users will never grow tired of slagging off publicly and under their breath.

In fairness, the bulk of rumors surrounding this choice in the last few weeks have generally suggested that this would be the case. The photos simply “confirm” it.

And, frankly, no one should blame Samsung on this one. It’s still a new standard and third-party providers have been carelessly racing to introduce cables that are quite capable of destroying your phone. While Samsung wouldn’t be responsible, why would you want the publicity that surrounds your flagship owing to cheap cables if something were to happen?

It’s hardly a deal-breaker for most, and likely not worth the headache for Samsung.

Again, I love the rumors but it will be equally nice to finally see Samsung unveil the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Pop back in on Sunday and we will give you a full spec breakdown of what the phone will actually offer, a rare treat in itself.

Either way, we’ll all know more this weekend.

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