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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Six Important Features To Expect

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The Galaxy Note 9 will launch in either late July or early August and we’re going to hear a lot of rumors leading up to the announcement. And recently Ice Universe revealed six key features of the Note 9 by the way this source has a tremendous track record when it comes to Samsung devices.

So these claims do have some base to them. Here are the six core features that are rumored to come with Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

  • New S-Pen
  • Crown UX
  • Bixby 2.0
  • Exclusive under-the-display fingerprint recognition
  • 3850mAh battery with 18W fast charge
  • A new ‘Teddy Brown’ color

So Ice Universe claim that Samsung is developing a new pen for the Galaxy Note 9. He didn’t mention how the pen is going to be improved but there is a crazy rumor that the S pen will incorporate a microphone this year allowing it to be used for phone calls. We don’t know if putting a microphone on the S pen would be useful, but we’re all about features. The more the merrier. So bring it on.

Ice Universe says the Galaxy Note 9 will feature a brand new interface dubbed ‘Crown UX’. Samsung is also said to make user interface tweaks which might make the Samsung experience skin on the Note 9 lighter and less resource intensive. “Samsung should make the device feel snappier overall”, Ice Universe also claims that the Note 9 will have an In-display fingerprint scanner and this is the one feature that has been rumored to come on Samsung’s flagship for years now and technical difficulties won’t make it happen. But this time around, there’s a strong talk that the Galaxy Note 9 will finally get it and if it does – it will undoubtedly be the headline feature of the Samsung’s Note 9.

Ice Universe also says the Galaxy Note 9 will feature 3850mAh battery with 18W fast charge, this will be the largest battery the company has ever fitted into a Galaxy Note model. And this is necessary since the Note lineup is Samsung’s most powerful phones and it’s logical to have the biggest juice pack reserved for this lineup.

Samsung CEO already confirms that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with Bixby 2.0. It will enable users to experience a wider scope of voice assistance features as it will focus on expanding its own ecosystem in the industry. And yes, the Note 9 will surely have a dedicated button for that. Last but certainly not the least Samsung may also offer a new color option with the Note 9.

So with that being said it’s difficult to say right now how much of this is actually going to be true but these are not far fetched and actually pretty believable. Anyways we’re going to hear a lot about the Galaxy Note 9 in the coming days. So stay tuned and keep reading ValueWalk.

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