10 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features To Expect

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While the Galaxy S9 hasn’t even been announced yet, there’s no doubt that Samsung is already working on the next flagship to release in 2018. Let’s take a look at some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features we might be able to expect from the upcoming phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

The company usually launches its S line flagships in the spring, so it’s likely we should see whether these Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features and rumors are correct sometime in the fall. The release schedule of these phones is fairly predictable at this point, and considering that the Galaxy Note 8 was announced on August 23, 2017, and then launched on September 15, 2017, we’ll probably see the Galaxy Note 9 with a similar release window.

No Under-Display Sensor

The phone won’t be out for quite a while, but that hasn’t kept a series of leaks and rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features from hitting the web

While it has been rumored for quite some time that Samsung has an under-display sensor in development, recent reports suggest that it won’t be included as one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features. While we may see the technology included in upcoming generations, the fact remains that the feature isn’t quite far enough along in development to hit the market this year.

We expect that more and more phones will start featuring under-display sensors. As phone screens get larger and bezels shrink, some phone manufacturers are starting to include the scanner on the rear of the phone. An under-display sensor is certainly a more elegant solution, and while it’s not one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features, we expect to see it more often from flagships across the board moving into 2019 and beyond.

Improved Display

While we won’t see an under-display fingerprint scanner, many do think that we’ll see a new and improved display with the upcoming phone. Reports suggest we’ll see a 6.3-inch SAMOLED panel with an all glass construction. The resolution is also expected to be 4K, which means we’ll be seeing some beautiful, high-definition picture quality on Samsung’s fall flagship.

Excellent screens have always been one of the driving factors behind Samsung device sales in recent years, so another upgrade to the display isn’t unreasonable to expect.

Neural Processing Unit

With multiple phones on the market featuring some version of artificial intelligence, there are also some rumors floating around the web that suggest we’ll see a neural processing unit included as one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features. This new technology would give the phone the capabilities to handle more advanced intelligence tasks that would truly turn it into a computer in your pocket.

Android Oreo Operating System

Recent reports have come out that show that Google is working on a new Android P operating system for their upcoming phones, but the Galaxy Note 9 will most likely ship with Android Oreo. Although Android P is in development, there are actually only 1% of smartphones that are using Android Oreo. A new operating system in development may be a little premature for Google considering how few phones are using Oreo, and it’s reasonable to expect that the new Oreo system will be one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features we can expect upon release.

Snapdragon 845 Chip

With the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus rumored to include the Snapdragon 845 – the most recent and most powerful processor from Qualcomm – It’s reasonable to expect we’ll see the same technology in the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. However, it’s also a possibility that Samsung will also use their proprietary chips – at least in parts of the world. Regardless, we should see a speedy phone that performs better than anything currently on the market.

Dual-Camera Setup

With the Galaxy Note 8 featuring a dual-camera and the S9 Plus rumored to include the same, we’ll likely see the same technology as one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features. The Galaxy S9 is focused on improvements on the smartphone camera, so we should expect similar improvements with the Note 9 as well.

New Emoji

Reports from around the web have suggested that the Samsung Experience 9.0 user interface will include new emoji designs that will bring the characters more inline with the faces we’ve seen on stock Android and iOS. While Samsung does use its own proprietary skin of the Android operating system and many people enjoy their user interface, it will likely be a welcome change to have more standardized emojis like we see with other sorts of flagships.

USB-C Connection

The USB-C is the current gold standard in Smartphone charging and data transmission. With both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 featuring USB-C connections, it only makes sense that we would see the same technology implemented as one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features.

Combination of Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 Features

While there isn’t much that is actually confirmed about the Galaxy Note 9 features considering that the phone hasn’t even been announced at this point, if past history is any indication we’ll see a combination of the best that the Galaxy S9 Plus has to offer in tandem with what we saw from the Galaxy Note 8.

In short, we should see a large phone with stylus support and top-notch power, with the camera improvements we’re likely to see with the release of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Headphone Jack

While the majority of flagships seem to be ditching the headphone jack in favor of a Bluetooth audio connection, Samsung – at least for the time being – seems committed to keeping the standard 3.5 mm jack in their flagships. This is a welcome feature, considering that technology is not quite at the point where wireless Bluetooth headphones can compete with a standard wired pair of headphones. As the battery life of wireless headphones continues to increase, we’ll see the lack of a headphone jack become less and less of an issue. Until that point, however, the inclusion of a standard jack as one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features may be enough to convince users to buy Samsung over Apple.

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