Galaxy Note 8 Display Is The Best In The World: DisplayMate

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Samsung is the best and largest maker of smartphone OLED displays in the world. It has spent years perfecting the technology. Even Apple is said to be relying on Samsung’s OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone 8. There is no surprise that the Korean company’s flagship smartphones win accolades from DisplayMate, one of the most respected smartphone display testing firms. DisplayMate has just concluded that the Galaxy Note 8 display is the best they have ever tested.

Galaxy Note 8 display is brighter, better than Galaxy S8

Earlier this year, the Galaxy S8 scored an A+ on DisplayMate’s exhaustive tests. After testing the Note 8, Ray Soneira said the new phablet has 22% higher peak brightness than the Galaxy S8. The Note 8 offers you the best viewing experience of any smartphone out there. It has a massive 6.3-inch edge-to-edge OLED screen. Soneira said the device brings a “noticeable and major improvement” compared to the S8.

The Galaxy Note 8 display boasts 1,200 nits of peak brightness. By comparison, the Galaxy S8 achieves 1,000 nits and Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus has a maximum brightness of 705 nits. The increased brightness leads to a better viewing experience even in direct sunlight. Brightness is not the only thing that Samsung has improved on the Note 8. It also offers a larger native color gamut.

The Galaxy Note 8 display has Full 100% color gamut used on 4K OLED TVs certified by the UHD alliance. It delivers more accurate colors than any smartphone, even if your eyes don’t notice the difference. The phablet offers 112% DCI-P3 and 141% of sRGB. The Korean electronics giant provides a variety of calibrated display modes. You can also fine tune the color balance.

If you are a photographer or someone who simply wants to experience the best display technology, the Note 8 is the phone for you. Soneira said it had the “most innovative and high performance smartphone display that we have ever lab tested.” The phablet brings many other upgrades as well. It is Samsung’s first smartphone to offer a dual-camera system on the back.

Note 8 is Samsung’s best smartphone till date

The Note 8 includes a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, both of which support optical image stabilization. Its dual camera setup appears to be better than the iPhone 7 Plus. The Note 7 successor also has an improved S Pen stylus that now supports a Translate feature. It comes with a 3,300mAh battery with wireless charging and fast-charging support.

The Galaxy Note 8 is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 (for units sold in EMEA) or Snapdragon 835 (US version). Samsung has included 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. There is also a microSD card slot if you want to expand the storage further. Some countries will get the phone with 128GB and 256GB of internal storage. The device is already up for pre-order, and the initial consumer response is much stronger than the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung hopes the Galaxy Note 8 to sell more than 11 million units. The Korean company’s mobile business chief DJ Koh said during a recent interview that the Galaxy Note 5 had sold nearly 11 million units. The company expects Note 8 to outsell the Note 5. Last year’s Note 7 was recalled twice just weeks after launch due to faulty batteries. Samsung had to kill the Note 7 eventually.

What it means for Apple’s OLED iPhone 8?

What does the Galaxy Note 8 display quality mean for Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8? Apple is moving to an edge-to-edge OLED panel with the 10th-anniversary model. It will source the OLED screens from Samsung Display. Will the iPhone 8 display be as good as the Galaxy Note 8? That’s difficult to say because Apple is relatively new to the OLED technology.

The iPhone 8 launch is only a couple of weeks away. So, we won’t have to wait long to see how the next-gen iPhone’s display will stack up against the Note 8. Even if it comes with a slightly inferior display, the iPhone 8 will more than make up for it by offering novel technologies such as a 3D infrared sensor, a SmartCam, and augmented reality applications. Apple CEO Tim Cook claims the iOS 11 will make its AR platform the largest in the world upon release.

Galaxy Note 8 is an expensive phone

The Note 8 will go on sale on September 15. Samsung has priced the device at $930. That’s much higher than the starting price of most premium smartphones out there, including the iPhones. However, Samsung is giving you a free Gear 360 camera or a combination of a 128GB microSD card and a convertible wireless charger. Samsung is also offering a discount to people who had purchased the last year’s ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

However, the discount to Note 7 customers is not as good as many had hoped. The company is offering them up to $425 in savings, but they will have to return their current smartphone for the Note 8. The company requires your current phone to be in good working condition to get the savings.

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