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The HomePod Firmware May Have Revealed An iPhone 8 SmartCamera

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This week has been the week of Apple leaks thanks to Apple themselves.The HomePod firmware was available for download by developers and Apple wasn’t very careful in scrubbing some previously secret details from the firmware before release. The reveal of the iPhone 8 SmartCamera may be one of the most juicy leaks courtesy of the HomePod this week.

Since the HomePod will run iOS just like a range of other Apple devices, there was a lot of information in the firmware that related to devices like the upcoming iPhone 8. One of the more interesting pieces was the mention of an iPhone 8 SmartCamera within the code. There were several lines of code that related to the SmartCamera features and they give us an idea of what this top-secret SmartCamera may be able to do.

It’s believed that the iPhone 8 SmartCamera will be able to automatically detect what it is taking a photo of and adjust its settings accordingly to allow for the best quality shot. For example, if you are taking photos of fireworks in the night sky, the SmartCamera would be able to adjust in order to ensure the best quality photo is taken. It’s an interesting concept and, if it is real, people will be very excited to see how the feature performs in the real world.

Of course, the iPhone 8 SmartCamera wasn’t the only leak to come out of the HomePod’s firmware. There was also confirmation of a 3D face scanning feature that will supposedly be called “PearlID.” The code inside the firmware suggests that an infrared camera will be used to scan the user’s face and unlock the device. This feature has been one of the more talked-about rumors for the last few weeks as iPhone 8 leak season has turned up a notch. Now we have a name to give to the feature. It’s also thought that PearlID will allow users to authorize Apple Pay purchases and access secure apps. Basically, everything TouchID does, PearlID can do too… But with, you know… Your face.

Finally, one of the most exciting leaks from this week has to be confirmation of the design of the iPhone 8. We have seen countless renders but an icon from Apple’s own firmware makes this leak feel so much more real. The nearly bezel-less display is all but confirmed at this point. The iPhone 8’s new OLED screen will stretch from edge to edge with only a small cutout at the top for front-facing sensors and the earpiece. The design also confirms that the home button as we know it is dead. The front side of the iPhone 8 will look sleek and clean – probably the most major design change we have ever seen in the iPhone lineup.

It’s not often we get leaks directly from Apple but this week has been a special one. Of course, it’s always safe to assume that nothing is ever confirmed until you see it on stage at an Apple event. Still, these leaks are about as good as leaks can get. We shouldn’t have to wait long for official confirmation from Apple. Many are expecting the iPhone 8 to be announced sometime in September. The actual launch date is still up in the air. What do you think about the leaks from the HomePod firmware? Does it change your opinion of the iPhone 8 at all? Will you pick one up this fall or check out something else?

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