Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design revealed in new leak

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It looks like another major Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak has hit the web. According to, these new images show the front glass panel that hints at the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design. Check out the leak pictures below:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design leak

These leaked images are very similar to the images we saw earlier this week from a leaked protective case design. When the leaks start adding up we can start to feel more and more confident that there’s some truth behind this design that has long been rumored.

As you can see in the above photos, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design will feature a nearly bezel-free display. The sides of the screen appear to be curved and there is hardly any bezel to speak of on the top and bottom. These images also appear to confirm the loss of the home button on the Galaxy Note 8. With the effectiveness and sleek design that software keys offer, I’m not sure many people will shed a tear over the loss of the home button.

This week has been a leaky one for smartphone manufacturers but that’s to be expected with these major launches right around the corner. In fact, some reports are suggesting that Samsung is aiming to announce the newest installment in the Galaxy Note line sometime in August with a planned launch date in September. The thinking is that Samsung wants to beat Apple’s iPhone 8 to market and gain a sales advantage heading into the holiday shopping season. With Apple rumored to be dealing with several production issues, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Samsung get the jump on their biggest competitor.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco

Let’s not forget that Samsung also has a major fiasco to move on from. Those exploding Galaxy Note 7’s are still on the mind of many consumers. Getting to market early gives Samsung an opportunity to prove to people that their new Galaxy Note 8 does not experience the same issues as the Note 7.

Seeing these alleged photos of the Galaxy Note 8 screen cover also lends some truth to the fact that an early launch may be right around the corner. Usually these parts are not put into mass production until mere weeks before a launch. If parts are being leaked now it could very well mean that production has begun and that rumored September release date may not actually be a rumor after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Design
Image source: The Leaker

Other than the almost bezel-less display, these leaks don’t give us much of an idea about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design. However, combined with previous leaks, we are starting to build a better picture of what we can expect leading up to the official announcement. For example, the case leak earlier this week showed off both the front and back of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design. There we could see the reduced bezels and removal of the home button. This newest leak seems to match what we saw in the leaked case design. The case leak also gave us a good look at the back of the device which was very revealing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dual camera

It appears that Samsung will be using a dual camera sensor on the Galaxy Note 8. The iPhone 8 is rumored to be launching with a dual camera sensor as well and we would expect Samsung would want to be able to compete in that space with their competitive counterpart. In fact, seeing the rumors and leaks lately, it’s probably safe to assume that most flagship devices from now on will be featuring a dual camera sensor.

In addition to looks, we have also had the chance to sink our teeth into some rumors about what will be under the hood on the Galaxy Note 8. It sounds like that big 6.4 inch display will come in at 4K resolution. With the reduced bezel size, this could very well be one of the nicest phone displays on the market at launch. To power all of that amazing content you’ll want to see on that beautiful screen will be a Snapdragon 835 or 836 in the US, with other regions supporting Samsung’s own Exynos 8895. Both should offer blazing fast responsiveness for this flagship smartphone.

If you’re thirsty for more leaks, don’t go far. We can only expect more and more leaked information as manufacturing ramps up and the launch date grows closer. It’s a great time to be a tech enthusiast!

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