Case Maker Reveals How Galaxy Note 8 Will Look Like


You know what they say; when it rains, it pours. With several smartphone manufacturers having new devices just over the horizon, it seems the leaks are coming hard and fast. The latest company to fall victim to is Samsung. Twitter user @ZyadAtef12 came across some leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders from a smartphone case manufacturer. Case manufacturers seem to be the most common source of smartphone design leaks and while Samsung may not be thrilled, tech enthusiasts are always excited to sink their teeth into something new.

The leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders are very detailed and give a clear look at what can likely be expected from Samsung once the Galaxy Note 8 is officially announced. Those that regularly follow smartphone leaks will appreciate the quality of these Galaxy Note 8 renders when compared with leaks like grainy photos from a manufacturing line.

The first leaked render gives a very clear view of the front and back of the purported Galaxy Note 8. There are a few very noticeable features. First is the dual camera. Most flagship smartphones are releasing with dual cameras these days but it is nice to have that feature confirmed with these Galaxy Note 8 renders. It also looks like Samsung has placed the flash between the camera sensor and the fingerprint sensor. The close proximity of the camera and the fingerprint sensor has been a major complaint from users of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Renders
Image source: zyadatef/Twitter

On the front of the device it’s clear that there’s no home button. Again, this follows with the design cues set by the Galaxy S8 and was long expected to also be the case with the Galaxy Note 8. It also appears that Samsung has gone with a near bezel-less display. The edges of the display stretch right to the edge of the smartphone and there are only very small top and bottom bezels. The minimalist design is in keeping with their latest releases.

This second image from the leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders gives a better look at each side of the device. The right-hand side features what is most likely a power button. On the left, there are the volume buttons and a third button. The third button was a dedicated Bixby AI button on the Galaxy S8 and it’s probably safe to assume that will be the case on the Galaxy Note 8 as well. The above image also gives a bit of a look at the bottom of the device but don’t strain your eyes too hard because there’s one more Galaxy Note 8 render to show off.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Renders
Image source: zyadatef/Twitter

This final leaked image gives a very nice view of all sides of the device. Samsung fans with fancy 3.5mm headphones will be excited to see that the 3.5mm jack has not been dropped, according to these Galaxy Note 8 renders. USB Type-C is pretty much the standard on new Android devices these days so it’s no surprise to see that on the Galaxy Note 8. To the right of the USB Type-C port looks to be an external speaker. Finally, to the right of the speaker grille, there’s the S Pen slot.

These leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders probably have some Samsung executives pulling their hair out but fans that are eagerly awaiting the new device couldn’t have asked for more detailed leaks. The design appears to be a step forward for the Galaxy Note line of devices, taking many of its cues from the Galaxy S8 which was released back in April. After the Galaxy Note 7 battery fiasco, Samsung needs to hit a home run with the new Galaxy Note 8 in order to earn back the trust of consumers.

Along with the design features seen in the leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders, it’s expected the new Galaxy Note 8 will ship with 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 835 or 836 SoC, and a beautiful 6.3-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED display. On paper, the specs are certainly enough to make smartphone enthusiasts drool. With an expected announcement coming in August or September, it shouldn’t be too long before the details of these leaked Galaxy Note 8 renders are confirmed.