Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught On CCTV Camera [VIDEO]

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The Galaxy Note 7 was meant to be an iPhone beater, but the smartphone has caused Samsung untold problems.

The South Korean tech giant has been caught up in a commercial and public relations storm of epic proportions thanks to issues with the Note 7 smartphone. Samsung was forced to issue a worldwide recall of the phone, before announcing it was safe. While this may have been bad enough, things got a lot worse when a second recall was issued and production discontinued. Now a YouTube video shows just why the company has been forced to pull the plug on the Note 7.

Video shows Note 7 billowing smoke

If you are still holding out hope that your Note 7 device isn’t dangerous, it’s worth taking a look. The video shows one potentially dangerous consequences of holding on to the Note 7.

The clip was recorded on the home CCTV system used by Note 7 owner Dee DeCasa, who lives in Hawaii. In it you can see a woman holding a phone that has lots of smoke coming out of it, before she takes it into a kitchen area along with a male household member.

We then see DeCasa collapse onto a nearby sofa before the male arrives to help. It’s worth pointing out that the Note 7 was being used in a normal way, and it wasn’t charging when it started smoking.

The incident was reported to Hawaii television station KHON2, who contacted Samsung. The company sent the following statement:

“We are engaged with the DeCasa family to ensure we are doing everything we can for them. Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously.”

Samsung sends return kits to owners

It is not yet clear whether DeCasa collapsed in shock or due to inhalation of smoke from the device. However, if you own a Note 7 and think that the problems won’t affect you, this video might make you reconsider your decision.

Given the fact that the handset wasn’t charging and was being used in a standard way, it appears that the problem could strike at any time. The seriousness of the issue is demonstrated by the fact that Samsung has halted production and sales of the Note 7.

It has also started sending fireproof boxes to owners as part of a global recall of the smartphones. The so-called return kit has been sent out to U.S. owners of the Note 7, and contains a fireproof box and a set of special gloves.

There is also a Static Shielding Pouch, an OEM Replacement Box, an Inner Box and a thermally-insulated Recovery Box. This setup means that there should be no outside damage if a Note 7 catches fire in transit.

South Korean government concerned by problems

Owners are also instructed to send the Note 7 via ground shipping only. Samsung told users that the return kit was “forbidden for transport by aircraft.”

Some shipping firms have reportedly said that they do not want to be responsible for transporting Note 7 devices. However, Samsung says that the kit obeys regulations for transporting products containing lithium-ion batteries that have been recalled.

The issue has caused significant damage to Samsung’s reputation. Officials from the South Korean government are also reportedly worried.

Finance minister Yoo Il-hoo reportedly said that the government was monitoring the Note 7 situation closely. The country’s export figures are set to suffer a hit due to the discontinuation of the smartphone, as Samsung’s mobile business is responsible for around 2% of exports from South Korea.

What next for Samsung smartphones?

While South Korea may be worried, Samsung is also suffering a crisis that has caused considerable damage. This Wednesday the company lowered its Q3 earnings estimates by around one-third while operating profit estimates have declined from 7.8 trillion won to 5.2 trillion won. Revenue estimates have also been revised from 49 trillion won to 47 trillion won.

There is plenty of speculation about what Samsung will do next. Some people say that the company will push to release the Galaxy S8 smartphone ahead of schedule.

However, it seems unlikely that the company will take any risks with the upcoming handset. After the problems suffered by the Note 7 it is imperative that Samsung releases a safe, functional smartphone the next time out.

If the latest rumors are to be believed there is another reason for taking time over the Galaxy S8. It has been reported that the upcoming smartphone will boast a number of new design features such as a home button that sits under the glass display panel. This kind of innovation will require plenty of testing if it is to be safe.

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