Samsung Galaxy Note 5 New Images Revealed [REPORT]

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The Galaxy Note 5 release date is fast approaching, and more and more details are starting to leak out. The latest rumor comes from GSM Arena, which posted what it states are exclusive renderings of the phablet.

Probably no curved Galaxy Note 5

The website reports that it received the exclusive renderings from ITSKINS, which makes cases for Samsung’s phones. In addition to renderings of the Galaxy Note 5 are renderings of the rumored Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, which is expected to sport a curved display.

There’s been a lot of debate about whether there will be a variant of the Galaxy Note 5 with a curved screen, with some rumors suggesting yes and others no. Some have been suggesting that Samsung will release a phone called the Galaxy Note 5 Edge, but GSM Arena reports that it looks like there will be no Note with a curved screen. Instead, the website states that Samsung will probably release a phablet with a curved screen which it will call the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

It’s believed that the Edge S6 won’t have a stylus, which could be why Samsung isn’t choosing to give it the Note name. The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus may also have slightly lower specs compared to the Galaxy Note 5, which would probably be another reason it might not get the Note name.

Renderings of the Galaxy Note 5 leak

One of the two sets of renderings shows what must be the Galaxy Note 5. It’s flat and features a design with a sloping back panel that’s similar to the design of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. GSM Arena suggests that the back of the Galaxy Note 5 may again have a glass back, which would be good on the style front but bad for the battery because it will likely mean that Samsung ditches the removable battery.

The renderings also show the addition of what looks like some sort of mechanism to eject the S Pen. Further, they indicate that the display will be 5.7 inches in size. It doesn’t look like there is a USB Type-C connector, although there is a there is a cover which could be hiding a SIM card slow or possibly a microSD slot.

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus renders?

The other set of images show a phone which doesn’t have an S Pen and obviously shares the same edge styling as the S6 Edge. As a result, GSM Arena posits that this phone is simply an oversized Galaxy S6 Edge. The renderings suggest that the screen size will be around the same as that of the Galaxy Note 5 at 5.7 inches. The phablet also shows a protruding camera.

In terms of release dates, we could see one or both of the phones on or around August 12, according to other rumors. At the very least, it’s expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will come out around this date as Samsung probably wants to beat Apple’s release of the iPhone 6S Plus.

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