Will Galaxy Note 5 Be The Key To Samsung’s Future?

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Samsung has recently released the Galaxy S6 smartphone, but possibly its most impressive device of the year could be the Galaxy Note 5. The Galaxy Note series was particularly well received in 2014, and Samsung will be looking to enhance the reputation of the Galaxy Note range when it unveils the latest iteration later this year.

Over the years, the Galaxy S range has generally been considered the flagship mobile device produced by Samsung. But this perception is changing somewhat, at least in terms of quality. Although the Galaxy S6 remains the biggest selling of the Samsung mobile devices, the Galaxy Note 4 was considered an outstanding phablet by the critical community. And it was also responsible for introducing the curved display, with the Galaxy Edge model of the phablets, which promises to be a major feature of the smartphone niche going forward.

Samsung also knows that Apple is competing strongly with the Korean corporation in the phablet niche now, with the consumer electronics giant having released its first phablet-sized device with the iPhone 6 Plus. Although Samsung has an excellent grounding in the phablet marketplace, having somewhat specialized in this genre recently, the iPhone 6 Plus was certainly a critically acclaimed phablet, and the Apple name pretty much ensures that any device it releases will sell like hotcakes.

Galaxy Note 5 key to Samsung future

So with Apple having a more established role in the phablet marketplace, this will be a key Galaxy Note release for Samsung. The Galaxy Note 5 will be expected to deliver improved functionality over the previous phablet in this range, while are also fending off an increasing challenge from Apple. Recent figures have been pretty discouraging for Samsung in this department, with Apple establishing a significant lead at the head of the world mobile manufacturing marketplace, and according to Gartner even outselling Samsung in pure units now.

The Galaxy Note 4 was an impressive performer, and packed with spec as is the general approach of Samsung. The Korean manufacturer has made it a trademark of its mobile devices for them to be some of the most impressive on the market in raw spec terms, and the Galaxy Note 4 was no exception to this rule. But the Galaxy Note 5 will ramp up the specifications from the previous model in the series, and offer some brand new features as well.


Samsung has become particularly associated with the quality of screens included in its mobile devices, and the Galaxy Note Edge upped the ante even further. The Super AMOLED Technology which Samsung includes in all of its Galaxy devices is very much a lauded feature, and there is no doubt that Samsung will stick with it for the Galaxy Note 5.

In terms of resolution, Samsung really doesn’t have too much room for manoeuvre. The Galaxy Note 4 was a quad HD phablet, which strongly suggest that the Galaxy Note 5 may be the first mass market 4K resolution phablet. It is certainly just a matter of time until 4K resolution becomes a mobile standard, as televisions are now being fitted with this resolution on a regular basis. While it is not yet mainstream, more 4K content is becoming available, and Samsung will almost certainly ensure that the Galaxy Note 5 is a pioneering device in this regard.

The screen size of the Galaxy Note 4 was 5.7-inches, and this could also be increased according to early indications. Samsung is likely to manufacture a marginally larger display for the Galaxy Note 5 than the previous iteration in the series, with a 5.9-inch screen expected.

Dual Curve

Additionally, although the Galaxy Note 4 featured an edition with a curved display, Samsung is expected to produce a dual-curved screen for the Galaxy Note 5, akin into that featured in the Galaxy S6. It is notable in this department that Apple has had a patent for a curved screen approved already, and this may very well feature in the iPhone 7.


Samsung surprised many analysts by producing a Galaxy S6 device with a smaller battery than the previous smartphone in the series. But the Galaxy Note 5 is not expected to repeat this, and it is already predicted that the Korean company will include a 4,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 5. This would seem to be essential if a 4K screen is to be embraced. By comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 possess a 3,220 mAh battery.

Will Galaxy Note 5 Be The Key To Samsung's Future?

Chipset and Processor

Now that the Galaxy S6 has featured an Exynos 7420 SoC, it seems an absolute certainty that the Galaxy 95 will also move to Samsung’s proprietary chipset. The Galaxy Note 4 was equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 chipset, but this now looks likely to be ditched in the next generation Galaxy Note 5.

Memory and Storage

It has already been rumored that Apple will unveil a 256 GB version of the iPhone 7 later this year. So Samsung may choose to respond to this by releasing his own 256 GB version of the Galaxy Note 5. It is possible that if this is part of Samsung’s plans that the extra memory provided over previous devices could come up via micro-SD capability.

Additionally, with 4K resolution a likely part of this phablet’s portfolio of features, more RAM will probably be included. Samsung will thus possibly ensure that the Galaxy Note 5 comes complete with 4 GB of accessible memory.

Samsung Pay

People intending to purchase the Galaxy Note 5 should expect Samsung to place a big emphasis on its mobile payment system when the device is unveiled. The next few years will bear witness to a mobile payment battle between Apple and Samsung, as the world’s two major manufacturers of mobile devices jockey for position in this lucrative niche.

Gear VR

Finally, it has been reported recently that Samsung is keen to emphasize the virtual reality capabilities of its mobile devices from hereon in. This will mean that the Galaxy Note 5 features Gear VR compatibility in all probability.

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