Galaxy Note 5 To Feature Dual-Edge Display, Hints Samsung

Galaxy Note 5 To Feature Dual-Edge Display, Hints Samsung
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Samsung’s newest Galaxy S6 Edge has garnered some rave reviews from technology experts and other MWC 2015 attendees. Buoyed by a positive response to the dual-edge display of Galaxy S6 Edge, the Korean electronics giant is considering adding the unique display to its future flagship devices, including the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

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Galaxy Note 5 expected to arrive in September

A senior Samsung executive dropped hint that the Galaxy Note 5 might also sport dual-edge display. In an interview with Korea Herald, Roh Tae-moon, EVP of Samsung’s product strategy team, said there is a possibility that the company will introduce the curved display for the Galaxy Note line-up. It’s still unclear whether Samsung is planning to release only one Note with dual-edge display or two variants as it did with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

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Historically, Samsung launches its new Galaxy Note phablets at IFA event in September. So, we can expect to see the Galaxy Note 5 in September. When the Korean company launched Galaxy Note Edge, there was a lot of skepticism about the functionality of the curved display. But early reaction to the new dual-edge Galaxy S6 Edge is nothing less than explosive.

Galaxy Note 5 ‘Edge’ unlikely to be a limited edition concept

The dual-edge variant of the Galaxy Note 5 may be called Galaxy Note 5 Edge or Galaxy Note Edge 2. However, the latter seems highly unlikely considering the Galaxy Note Edge was a “limited edition concept” but the new Note with the curved screen won’t be a limited edition device.

Samsung lost the title of the world’s largest smartphone company to Apple in the fourth quarter of 2014. Analysts believe that the Korean company will take advantage of the curved display to boost its sales in coming months. IHS analyst Jerry Kang told Korea Herald that Samsung may use the flexible OLED display as a means to re-establish itself as a powerhouse of both hardware and design.

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  1. If it doesn’t go back to USB 3, I don’t give a crap! I refused to buy a Note 4 because of USB 2, and I’ll do it again if Samsung doesn’t restore USB 3 for the Note 5! I will not downgrade from the USB 3 of my Note 3 just to upgrade my phone camera by a few megapixels! Screw that!

  2. J.R. I do believe in the next two years Samsung will be the most impacted by the rising stars in mobile tech (huawei, xiaomi, even lenovo). There has already been a huge shift towards other manufactures simply because of cost. In my opinion Apple stays just where it is (most loyal of all customers by far) while Samsung will likely be forced to compete in the lower cost market because of cheaper handsets with equal specs. This will happen in the Asian markets followed by the european markets. They can keep pumping out new units but I truly believe you will see a different company in two years. The will not fail…..but will find themselves with much less market share. Just my two cents

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  4. Yea…But it will probably not have an MicroSD slot which means instead of spending 30.00 to upgrade a 32 gig phone to 64 gig, It will cost 150.00. And it won’t have a battery you can change so that kills it for business power users. Samsung is a sinking ship based on the Galaxy S6 specs. Too bad..I had loved their phones.

  5. I wouldn’t be surprised between both Apple and Samsung dueling it out that these smartphones are going to push to 1,000 dollars USD ….whoa to the public and i don’t know to design or price or both.

  6. If it is true….. then this would mean slow death to Apple…
    …one should never celebrate prematurely just because you won a small battle… Samsung is not fighting a battle. They are in it for winning the war. Nothing less, nothing more.
    If this is hard for people to understand & digest…, then let me just say that you guys don’t understand the Koreans…

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