Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6: What Will Samsung Deliver?

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The Korean consumer electronics giant has two massive releases on the horizon. The Galaxy S6 will hit the shops early next year, and is expected to deliver the sort of functionality which its predecessor perhaps failed to embody. And its flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, is due to be released in the next few months if recent media reports are to be believed. What can we expect from these two massive mobile products, and will they deliver all that consumers are hoping for?

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was perhaps criticized a little by some analysts for not quite delivering the knockout blow that was anticipated. While it is a thoroughly competitive smartphone, and one that Samsung insists is its biggest seller yet, there wasn’t anything truly outstanding about it which would make it stand out from the iconic Apple range of iPhones.

Thus, a lot is expected of the Galaxy S6. Fans of Samsung’s smartphone series are demanding that the S6 features a large QHD screen at the very least. While UHD would be an absolute ideal here, the general feeling is that Samsung must do something outstanding to make the Galaxy S6 really stand out from the pack. There have been no end of rumors suggesting that Apple will do precisely that with the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S6 could also leave quad-core behind and opt for an opta-core processor. This would really make the Galaxy S6 something to shout about, a device that could truly blow away the competition in performance terms.

Above all else, Samsung must spruce up the appearance of the Galaxy range. Apple wins hands down in this department, and the Galaxy S5 disappointed somewhat with its looks. No matter how much spec Samsung packs into the Galaxy S6, the Apple iPhone 6 will unquestionably hit the stores looking gorgeous and running like greased lightning, so Samsung must deliver something with the Galaxy S6 that makes the device really catch the eye of the discerning consumer.

Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6: What Will Samsung Deliver?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The big news with the Galaxy Note 4 is that it could be coming out in September, setting up a straight battle with the iPhone 6. Whether Apple would welcome this or not is highly debatable, and it would certainly represent a bold move by the Korean giant. With a phablet-sized Apple iPhone 6 having been rumored for some months, September really could see the battle of the phablets take place on the High Street.

Thus, the pressure is on Samsung to deliver something with the Galaxy Note 4 that really makes it stand out from its Apple competitor. In recent years, Samsung has put a lot of emphasis on the quality of cameras installed in its mobile devices, and this seems to be a key element of the Galaxy Note 4. Apple has scrimped on its camera quality to some degree, and it should be expected that Samsung will be very strongly pushing this element when the Galaxy Note 4 is released.

The Galaxy Note 4 will also be armed with QHD resolution, meaning that Apple will need to deliver something of real quality with the iPhone 6.

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