Sam Zell: Tea Party Reaction to ‘Imperial’ Presidency [VIDEO]

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Sam Zell: Tea Party Reaction to 'Imperial' Presidency [VIDEO]Sam Zell was on CNBC this morning and gave a highly political ‘speech’. He is not a fan of the Nobel Laureate, Barack Obama, to say the least. Below is the full interview (videos and transcripts).


Fifty percent of the country thinks Obamacare ‘sucks’: Zell

Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments chairman, shares his thoughts on reaching bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill and why so many are opposed to the Affordable Care Act.


and the solution is dialogue. and frankly, i think it’d be terrible for our democracy if effectively one branch of the government laid down the law to the other branch. we have, you know, the founding fathers created a republic, not a democracy, a republic. with all kinds of checks and balances. part of the problem we’re dealing with is the lines have been blurred. and it’s led to i think some people presuming they have more power than they have. and trying to bully things through as oppose reach consensus. ultimately, if we do not reach consensus and bipartisan scenarios, we’re going to have problems. the whole obama care scenario is about the fact it wasn’t bipartisan. and as a result, 50% of the country minimum thinks it sucks. and i’m part of that group.

Tea Party is reaction to an ‘imperial White House’: Zell

Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments chairman, shares his thoughts on the Tea Party’s involvement in the government shutdown and how to resolve the conflict over the debt.


you blame the tea party for this? no, i think the tea party is a reaction to an imperial white house. and i think that we’re seeing. come on, how does the president deal with his daughters? i’m not going to negotiate. that’s the way you deal with your children? my experience with my children is that never worked too well. i can’t imagine it’s going to work too well here. the president is elected to negotiate. that’s his job. you know, the tea party has their base that is inducing them to do certain things. you’ve got to have sommpathy for the president because every time he negotiates, his base is all over him. isn’t that the same thing happening on the republican side? the republicans are trying to resolve something and their base is all over the place. somebody’s got to pull everything together and say i represent everybody. not just the left. not just the right. yeah. i’m not a big tea party fan at all. and there are issues they have that i don’t agree with at all. but they are a significant percentage of the voting populaon. they have a right to have a view. and the idea that they are treated as though they are crazy

Is the American dream still alive?

Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments chairman, explains why he thinks the American dream still exists, although the “degradation” of the education system and “dumbing down” of our minorities is having an enormous negative impact on income and is a leading factor in the “disparity of wealth” in this country.


i think the american dream still exists because i think this country is unique in terms of the opportunity it creates for its people. having said that, the degradation of our educational system. the dumbing down of our minorities is having an enormously negative impact. and i think it’s one of the biggest reasons for this enormous disparity of wealth.

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