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Sam Adams Beer Will Come In A Can This Summer

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Samuel Adams Beer, a brand sold by Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM), will soon be available in cans. This is good news for the brewer’s investors because Samuel Adams now addresses beer drinkers who prefer cans rather than bottles. The company raised its 2013 sales guidance in December.

Sam Adams Beer Will Come In A Can This Summer

The Associated Press reports that the canned brew will become available this summer and will be targeted toward beer drinkers who like to take their lager into places where bottles aren’t allowed, liks pools, sporting events and other venues.

In the past, cans were considered to be a hindrance to finer beers because the metal was believed to change the taste. However, The LA Times reports that almost 200 different craft breweries now offer their products in cans. Many breweries place a thin plastic lining inside their cans in order to reduce the effect of the can’s metal on the taste of the brew.

Cans are typically more convenient for beer drinkers, not only because they are allowed in more venues, but also because they are stackable and smaller than beer bottles. This results in lower shipping costs. Cans are also safer because they don’t shatter when they are dropped.

Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM) said its canned ‘Sam Adams’ beer will be available in 12-packs around the country by the early part of summer. Currently, the price is still up in the air, but estimates run between $15 and $18 per 12-pack.

Shares of Boston Beer Co Inc (NYSE:SAM) are up almost 4 percent in Tuesday afternoon trading.

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