Russian Astrologers Predicted World War III To Coincide With Sochi Olympics

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Is the Ukraine crisis really the beginning of the World War III? Experts are still speculating, but Russian astrologers predicted the timing of the World War III a few years ago. They said that the next World War would begin during the Sochi Olympic Games. They also expressed the possibility that the global war may start five days after the closing ceremony of the Sochi Games.

Will Russian astrologers’ forecast about World War III come true?

Sochi Olympic Games in Russia wrapped up on February 23. Around the same time, political tension in Ukraine continued to escalate. Mass protests turned deadly in the preceding week. Protesters seized Kiev, prompting the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych to flee to Russia on February 2. Protesters took control of the Presidential Palace on February 22, and the split between progressive Ukrainians and pro-Russian loyalists grew firm.

Subsequently, Russian president Vladimir Putin sent military to seize control over Crimea, a Ukranian peninsula. Concerned Poland sought NATO’s help should Russia invade its sovereign borders. It’s the biggest hostile moment between Russia and the West since the Cold War. In 2011, a group of Russian astrologers predicted that the beginning of the World War III would coincide with the Sochi Olympics. Russian newspaper Pravda published (via Death & Taxes magazine) a report in March 2011 about the meeting of well-known Russian astrologers, parapsychologists and shamans to discuss the forecasts.

World War III likely if Putin gets crazy

The shamans predicted that the African revolutions would move towards Russia. That would spark massive protests in Central Asia. Astrologer Pavel Globa said these disastrous events are happening because of the Black Moon. The day the Black Moon allied itself with the sun, NATO attacked Libya. And an earthquake occurred in Japan on the same day the Black Moon allied itself with Uranus. They said on March 25, 2011 that in the near future, there would be revolutions in Syria.

Today, many people don’t think the World War III will take place because everyone knows the destruction will be mutual. President Barack Obama has warned Vladimir Putin that there will be costs for seizing Crimea with military force. But BusinessWeek says that the West is unlikely to act. But if Russian president gets crazy enough to invade Poland, NATO is highly likely to get involved, and the astrologers’ prediction could be proven right.

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