Russia Biggest Threat To The U.S., Say Americans

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On Tuesday, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden accused that Russia was violating the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Pro-Russia separatists have captured a large part of the strategic town Debaltseve, which connects the rebel strongholds Donetsk and Luhansk via rail. While the United States is still considering providing lethal weapons to Ukraine to help defend itself, Vladimir Putin said that the U.S. was already arming Ukraine.

49% say Russian military critical threat

As the tension continues to escalate, a survey conducted by Gallop shows that Russia has surpassed North Korea as the biggest U.S. enemy in the minds of Americans. The Gallop poll found that 18% Americans consider Russia to be the greatest enemy of the United States today, up from only 2% in 2012. Meanwhile, 15% of the respondents said North Korea was the biggest enemy, 12% said China, and 9% said Iran.

Gallop notes that 49% now see Russian military power as a “critical threat” to the U.S., up from 32% last year. In 2012, more Americans had a positive view of Russia than negative. But now only 24% have favorable views of Kremlin, while a staggering 70% expressed negative views of Russia. It’s the worst measurement Gallop has recorded in 26 years. The poll was conducted between February 8 and 11, just before Russia-backed separatists and Ukraine reached a ceasefire agreement in Minsk.

Russia Critical Threat

However, Montreal, Canada-based independent research organization Center for Research on Globalization (CRG) said that Americans were “being prepped to hate Russians.” It should actually be the other way around, i.e., Russians should be wary of the United States. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, 56% Russians had positive views of the U.S. in 2011, which declined to only 23% in 2014.

Americans are being brainwashed

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. government has placed its weapons very close to the industrialized parts of Russia. Last week, U.S. sent “tankbusters” to Europe, reports Brad Lendon of CNN. The A-10 tankbusters will reassure U.S. allies and partners that the security of Europe was one of the biggest priorities of Washington.

But a look at the history suggests that the U.S. has been playing anti-Russia game for decades. The American news media has been brainwashing Americans, and that’s what the Gallop polls show. Since the collapse of the USSR, NATO has added 11 new members that were allies of Russia through the Warsaw Pact. These 11 countries did not join NATO due to the fear of Russia re-assembling the former Soviet empire.

These European countries were actively courted by the United States to join NATO, which was turned by the U.S. aristocracy from an anti-communist to anti-Russia alliance, says CRG. Today, NATO is a military alliance against Moscow. Even during the Cold War, the American governments were anti-Russia rather than anti-communist.

CIA actively recruited Nazis

CIA and other U.S. agencies recruited Hitler’s top intelligence agents and scientists to weaken the USSR, notes the Center for Research on Globalization. After the death of Stalin, the Soviet leadership actively tried to avoid a war against capitalist countries. But the U.S. and other capitalist countries rejected those peace efforts and went with the Nazis, who literally hated Russians.

According to a BBC documentary, these moves fueled the Cold War. It was an anti-Russia war, rather than just an ideological war between capitalist and communist. The documentary clearly states that Nazis who previously worked for Hitler were hired by CIA to work against Russia. Nazis, who had failed to achieve a victory over Russia, still hoped to ultimately defeat Moscow.

Eisenhower, not USSR, had crossed the line first

In 1962, the then U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was willing to go on a nuclear war against the Soviet Union after the Cuban missile crisis. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, which was a big security threat to the U.S. However, it was not Khrushchev, but John F. Kennedy’s predecessor Eisenhower, who had made an outrageous move and crossed the line first.

In 1961, United Stated had deployed more than 100 nuclear-capable missiles in Italy and Turkey, with a capability to strike Moscow. According to CRG, plans for this deployment began in 1956, and became operational in 1959, the year Fidel Castro stormed to power in Cuba. And it was done by a U.S. President who had appointed pro-Nazi Allen Dulles the director of CIA.

Americans have no reason to fear Russia

Even today, Russians have the reason to fear Nazis backed by the United States. The anti-Russia sentiment has been dominating the U.S. foreign policy since Obama’s second-term. Obama has officially admitted that the U.S. “brokered” the coup in Ukraine last year. He ousted the democratically elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with Petro Poroshenko, a racist-fascist, anti-Russian president.

So, Americans have absolute no reason to fear Vladimir Putin. If anyone, they should fear Barack Obama, says CRG. United States is prodding Putin into another nuclear arms race.

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