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Russia-Pakistan Alliance Makes India Jealous

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It looks like India and Pakistan are bringing back the violent times, when brutal wars raged between the two nations. And Russia is apparently happy to help unleash violence between India and Pakistan.

After exhausting years of wars and a long list of dead soldiers and civilians, India and Pakistan had come to some sort of unofficial peace agreement last century.

There had been decades of non-violent, even slightly friendly relations between India and Pakistan for several decades, but then Pakistan elected a new Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, who’s driven by the desire to destroy India.

India had abstained from engaging in direct military confrontation against Pakistan despite numerous provocations, but the last straw was on September 18, when 18 Indian soldiers were killed as a result of a terrorist attack at the Army camp in Uri.

Many believe that Pakistan became so fearless after deepening its ties with both China and Russia. India, meanwhile, who has always been supported by the United States, the main rival of China and Russia, cannot really rely on its ally.

… Certainly not now, when the U.S. is divided over its Presidential election and things are about to get chaotic on November 8, when Americans will head to voting booths to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

India preparing for war against Pakistan, US won’t help

So India is left all alone against the unpredictable triangle alliance between China, Russia and Pakistan. And the most terrifying thing is that Pakistan feels that support from China and Russia and it feels that its prey, India, is starting to panic.

That’s why there have been World War 3 worries. Because a global confrontation doesn’t seem so unrealistic now that the two historical rivals want to rip one another throats out.

In fact, it can be said that the Indian government has already started preparing for an all-out war against Pakistan and its two biggest, most violent and most intimidating allies, China and Russia.

Secretary General Ram Madhav recently wrote “For one tooth, the complete jaw” on social media, hinting that India will avenge Pakistan for its soldiers killed last month. And that revenge will be even more massive.

Meanwhile, the Home Minister of India tweeted “Pakistan is a terrorist state and it should be identified and isolated as such.”

But the U.S. is making a great mistake by not paying enough attention to the India-Pakistani tensions and focusing on its upcoming Presidential election instead, as the superpower triangle between China, Russia and Pakistan could establish a new world order soon.

Pakistani perspective: How Pakistan sees the whole thing?

By siding with China and Russia, Pakistan, who had been close friends with the U.S. and Saudi Arabia for years, has apparently just picked its allies for a possible war against India.

Islamabad thus realized that neither the U.S. nor Saudi Arabia really care about Pakistan’s national interests.

From Pakistani perspective, it sure looks like both America and Saudi Arabia have been sending all those money and gifts in order to prevent the country from becoming independent financially.

In fact, both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have played a huge role in spreading sectarianism and terrorism in Pakistan. And despite the fact that Russia was Pakistan’s rival during the Cold War era, Moscow offers far more friendly conditions.

Russia has been offering mutually beneficial military and economic deals to Pakistan and it even held joint military drills of anti-terrorist units earlier this month.

China, meanwhile, has long voiced its support for its traditional ally, Pakistan, and has been helping Islamabad both militarily and economically.

So naturally, Pakistanis chose an alliance with Russia and China, their seemingly new best friends. Who can blame them?

Indian perspective: How India sees the whole thing?

India, who has been a long-time friend of Russia, is furious over Moscow’s recent close ties with Pakistan.

But Indians are puzzled: has Russia abandoned them once and for all? Or is there a chance to bring back their friendly relations and make Moscow stop its military and economic cooperation with Pakistan?

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited India last week, but that visit didn’t give no answers at all. In fact, it raised only more questions.

Just a week before Putin’s visit, Russia and Pakistan conducted joint military drills called Friendship-2016. Russia could postpone the drills or even cancel them at all seeing that the tensions between India and Pakistan reached their new height when 18 Indian soldiers were killed last month.

Russia neither postponed nor cancelled those drills. So India wonders if it’s a sign that Russia finally picked a side in the Pakistan vs India violent confrontation?

But Russia is India’s major strategic partner, which is why New Delhi can’t exactly voice its anger openly. Instead, India has remained mute about Russia’s growing cooperation with Pakistan.

Just hours before Putin’s visit, Oleg Salyukov, Russia’s land force commander-in-chief general, announced that Moscow will hold a new round of military drills with Pakistan in 2017.

But nonetheless, Indian officials were all smiles when Putin arrived in India and all happily shook hands. India is currently negotiating a deal with Russia about the purchase of S-400, stealth frigates and even a second nuclear submarine.

All these types of military hardware would certainly help India in an imminent military confrontation against Pakistan. So naturally, India doesn’t want to scare the Russians away.

Russia’s perspective

Russia, meanwhile, allows itself to flirt with both India and Pakistan at the same time, infuriating both sides even further and pouring even more fuel to the fire.

But that fire could blaze into a huge explosion one day, and unleash a direct military confrontation between India and Pakistan.

And that would most likely result in a global confrontation, with China, Russia and Pakistan on one side, and India, the U.S. and its Western allies on the other side. That, of course, if the U.S. agrees to get involved in the conflict.

But for now, Russia enjoys being the key source of military hardware for India and at the same time promising bright military future for Pakistan.

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